It’s easy to win more job orders… 🏆

With sheer volume of either cold calls… 📞

MPC’s… 🤝

Emails… 📧

LinkedIn… 💼

Just to name a few…

Sure, there are things you can do to improve your outreach, and improving your outreach is 100% something you should be investing your time in… ⏳

But overall, it’s actually pretty simple… 😌

Sprinkle a little bit of automation or outsourcing on top, and you can actually do so with little work… 🛠️🤖

There’s little skill involved in marketing recruitment… 🤷‍♂️

This is why anyone who knows even basic marketing can do well… 📈 Even if the only thing their marketing consists of is “making more calls”… ☎️

There’s no shortage of companies who want to attract the best candidates and who wouldn’t mind your help finding them… 👥

But the problem is… ⚠️

There’s also no shortage of Recruiters who want the same job order as you… 👥👥

This is why knowing how to actually SELL Recruitment is critical… 🛒

Getting more job orders is the easiest part of the game… 🎯

But getting assignments where the client is committed to using you exclusively is professional… 🏅

Getting them to use you exclusively AND pay a retainer upfront for the privilege is major league… 🥇

Without either an exclusive or retained agreement, all you’ve “sold” the client on is the idea of providing your service for free… 💸

This USED to be a great proposition years back… 🕰️

But today, more and more recruiters are entering the market and doing the exact same thing… 🔄

So where 5 years ago you might have been competing with 1 other recruiter on a single job order… 👤

Today you’re most likely competing with 3-10 officially… Countless others too if you consider the ones who will just send candidates across without any agreement in place… 👥👥👥

This means your fill rates are dropping significantly… 📉 If your fill rates are any less than 8 for every 10 job orders you work on, it’s a problem… 🚨

Control 🕹️

One of the big mistakes Recruitment and Search Business Owners make is obsessing over what they can’t control, neglecting the things they can…

Here are a few examples of things you can control:

  • 📞 The number of outbound calls you make
  • 📧 The number of messages/emails you send to potential clients each day
  • 📧 The number of messages/emails you send to candidates each day
  • 📝 The amount of content you post is designed to engage your potential clients
  • 📝 The amount of content you post is designed to engage your potential candidates
  • 📅 The number of Hiring Managers you invite to have a sales meeting to discuss your services
  • 🗣️ What you say during each sales meeting, phone call, or interaction with a potential client, and how you say it
  • 🗣️ What you say during each interaction with your team
  • 📊 Tracking your numbers and recognizing which area of your business needs the most attention
  • 📚 How much time you spend studying to improve in the above areas
  • 👥 Who do you take advice from regarding the above
  • 💼 The salary level you recruit at
  • 💰 The minimum fee you’ll accept

Here are a few examples of things you can’t control:

  • ❓ How many people say “yes” to your proposals
  • 🏷️ How many sales you make
  • 💵 The fee your potential clients are willing to pay
  • 📈 Your business revenue

Focusing on what you CAN control will make getting what you CAN’T control as predictable as possible, but don’t confuse the two. Many Recruitment and Search Business Owners spend their time obsessing over their revenue numbers without paying much attention to what drives that number…

Instead, get clear on exactly what inputs you need to control to hit your targets and commit to executing them daily…

Harnessing the Power of Visualization 🌟📊

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Transform Your Mindset – Key Strategies for Success on Your Next Sales Call 🧠🔑📞🏆

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  • “We have implemented a cancellation fee in our exclusive agreements for the first time. 💼📄💰”

“We have implemented a cancellation fee in our exclusive agreements for the first time.”

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3 New Roles

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