Experienced Recruiters Hate When I Say This

Here’s something I’ve said many times before, and it’s as true now as it always will be:

There are probably people in your market with less skill and experience than you, winning more clients, making more placements, and charging higher fees. 😕

I don’t know how you feel about that, but most ambitious Recruitment and Search Business Owners I speak to get pissed off by the thought of it. 😡

But it’s true. 🤷‍♂️

The market does not care about your experience, years in business, or even your ability to find the best possible candidates for the role. It might be unfair or unjust, but that’s just the way it is. 💼

We all know skilled and experienced recruiters who are struggling even as I write this. 📉

The only thing that matters when it comes to attracting more of the right clients and charging the fees you actually deserve is your ability to attract more of the right clients who are happy to pay the fees you deserve. 💰

It’s obvious, but most Recruitment and Search Business Owners ignore it and instead wrongly assume that their experience and skill will be enough. 🤦‍♂️

Speaking of which, a while back, I put together a video training with an accompanying workbook that shows you how to increase your fees and still win more business. You can access it for free below:

📚🎥 Here’s the Training and Workbook.

Training and Workbook Here

Do you send cold emails? 📧

Do you send cold emails? 📧

I was speaking to one of the Recruitment Business Owners we help a few weeks back about cold email outreach…

It’s a tactic I’ve been a big fan of for years… 👍

Even back when pretty much every other Recruitment Business Owner and Trainer was still saying, “Cold calling is the only way to get business”…

It’s more popular now than it was back then…

But still massively underused in my opinion…

I mean, think about it…

You can reach thousands of your potential clients…

With a click of a few buttons…

Without really having to sacrifice time once it’s set up…

For practically nothing when you compare the cost of other marketing efforts…

I could go on, but you get the point…

Anyway… Even out of the Recruiters who know all this and use it regularly, most aren’t getting anywhere near the results they want… 🤔

6 Reasons Your Cold Emails Aren’t Getting the Recruiting Clients You Want ❌📧🔍

6 Reasons Your Cold Emails Aren’t Getting the Recruiting Clients You Want

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Mastering the Queen Bee Role: 🐝 Boost Your Business Efficiency and Growth 📈✨

🔍 Every week we get the Recruitment and Search Business Owners to share some of their biggest wins…

Here is a selection of our favorites:

  • Four Meetings Booked with Interested Hiring Managers in One Week 📅✨

Four meetings booked with interested hiring managers in one week

  • Shortlisted for a New Role, and the Client is Flying Me to Croatia for the Final Interviews! ✈️🇭🇷

“Shortlisted for a new role, and the client is flying me to Croatia for the final interviews”

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