The Renegade Recruiter presents: Lead Genesis

How Recruitment and Search Firm Owners Can Generate a Never Ending Flow of Qualified Leads On Demand… Without Cold-Calling, Spending a Fortune on Advertising and in the NEW Economy

From: The Desk of Terry Edwards

Dear Recruitment or Search Firm Owner,

Want more clients?

And I don’t mean just ‘any’ clients… I mean, do you want more of your ideal clients?

Clients that respect what you do, are willing to pay your fees and don’t negotiate on price. Clients that pay you on time, every time without giving you the same tired excuses as to why they’re paying you late, yet again. Clients that always return your calls and trust your judgment. Clients that not only buy from you once but buy from you again and again… AND recommend you to all their colleagues and business associates too.

Stupid question, right?

99% of the Recruitment and Search Firm Owners I speak to on a daily basis say that "more clients" is the one thing they want most in their business.

More of your ideal clients means more revenue and profits, it means fewer headaches and less hassle, it means your underperforming consultants finally becoming profitable, it means more growth in your business, it means more money for you personally, better holidays, a better home for your family, better experiences, bigger opportunities, more security and ultimately more freedom.

Getting more clients puts a prompt stop to almost every business headache you have.

And the only way to get more clients is to have more quality leads and enquiries coming into your Recruitment or Search Business on a consistent basis every single month.

The problem is, if you’re like most Recruitment and Search Business Owners I know (and I know a lot), lead generation is the one area of business you struggle with the most.

You might already have a reasonably successful business, doing six or even seven figures a year comfortably. But you know you could be doing so much better if you and your team could just get in front of more qualified prospects who have an immediate need for using your services.

The thing is, the old methods for attracting clients and generating leads just aren’t working as well as they used to. Response rates to almost every marketing method are declining rapidly.

It’s almost impossible to stand out on LinkedIn and the other social media sites because everyone’s doing the same thing. Cold calling is less effective, it’s harder than ever to get through to the decision maker. And even if you are lucky enough to get through, more often than not you’re greeted with a polite “thanks, but no thanks” or “call back in 6 months” at best. And at worst, you’re getting the phone aggressively slammed down on you mid-sentence. Leads you get via referral or word of mouth are great! But they’re slow, unpredictable and not something the future success of your business should be relying on. Your clients are being bombarded with emails from all angles so response rates are plummeting and more often than not your emails get ignored. The list is endless.

All of this makes attracting your next client as easy as pushing water uphill, whilst blindfolded, with one hand tied behind your back. So instead of your business growing with ease year after year. Your days, weeks and months are filled with struggle and uncertainty, desperately hunting down your next deal. You’re forced to lower your fees because you’re scared of losing sales to your competitors. You end up working with clients you don’t really want to work with, or on jobs, you don’t really want to work on. Your consultants underperform and end up costing the business money, which ultimately comes out of your salary.

So although you built your business to provide for your family, they’re the ones who end up suffering the most.

This is a problem that has slowly been getting worse for years. And you’re probably smart enough to know that if it hasn’t done so already, it’s a problem that will eventually have a negative impact on the growth of your business.

Don’t believe me?

Take a look at the industry as a whole and you’ll see that very few Recruitment and Search Firm Owners are able to achieve substantial growth year after year, even the more successful ones eventually get stuck, struggle to scale and ultimately decline and have to downsize.

I've seen some of the most skilled recruiters set up in business only to struggle to see any substantial growth and end up billing less than they did as an employee. You may have even experienced a similar story first hand.

Recruitment and Search Firm Owners who ignore this problem will at best tread water, or even worse slowly become extinct.

Like it or not, it’s time to stand up and face this problem head on before it’s too late.

This is why you NEED to join me and my Elite group of Recruitment and Search Firm Owners in London on the 29th and 30th of November for “Lead Genesis

I speak to Recruitment and Search Firm Owners almost on a daily basis, so I have a better understanding than most about what actually goes on in their businesses. What’s shocking is, just how many are generating LESS THAN ONE genuine opportunity to close a potential new client a week. Many are creating just one genuine new opportunity a MONTH. And every now and then, they’ll have a month where they create ZERO! Most are doing ‘OK’. Making decent money…north of six-figures.

But growth…? Forget it. They’re stuck. Not moving. Not improving. Just treading water.

It’s like having a nightmare job…

No raise, but more work every year, longer hours every year…more risk every year…

For what reward?

What’s missing for every single one of these Recruitment and Search Firm Owners is any sort of system for creating new opportunities. They get by on nothing more than hope and luck. For some that’s fine, I guess. And, if that’s fine for you, there’s no point in you reading my messages… I can’t help you.

But if you want more…If you want growth, opportunity and the freedom that comes with it, then attending ‘Lead Genesis’ will be the smartest business decision you’ll ever make.

 What is Lead Genesis?

‘Lead Genesis’ is an intensive two-day workshop for serious and abnormally ambitious Recruitment and Search Firm Owners who want to dramatically increase the number of leads and clients they’re able to attract each and every month.

We’ll be digging deep into the nuts and bolts of what it takes to build a marketing and client attraction system in your business that generates leads, clients and profits on demand. Without having to rely on cold-calling, knocking on doors and in any economy.

By the end of the two days, you’ll know exactly what you need to do so you and your team of consultants are consistently generating new business opportunities and making sales so you’ll never have to wonder where your next client is coming from.

But wait... before you even think about booking your ticket, you need to know I'm only allowing a maximum of 30 people access to the event and Lead Genesis is certainly not for “ordinary” Recruitment or Search Firm owners.

Who is Lead Genesis For?

Lead Genesis is for Recruitment and Search Firm Owners who are:

  • DETERMINED TO SUCCEED AND SERIOUS ABOUT INCREASING THEIR BUSINESS REVENUE AND PROFITS. The advanced marketing and positioning strategies you'll get access to during Lead Genesis are designed to help Recruitment and Search Firm owners become the leading players in their sector. This event is strictly for people who are serious about increasing their business revenue and profits over the next 12 months. If you're satisfied being just another mediocre firm that sees little to no growth not knowing for certain where your next client is coming from, this isn't for you.
  • WILLING TO TEST STRATEGIES THAT LEAVE THEM FEELING VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. If you're the type of person to trot along to event, after summit, after seminar, somehow thinking success is going to come your way just because you attended, then STAY HOME!  You're wasting your time and money. More to the point, you'll be taking up a space someone else would benefit from (there's a maximum of 30 seats available). Much of what you'll hear at Lead Genesis will leave you feeling very uncomfortable and probably shit scared to try. But if you're stupid enough to think you can achieve anything even closely resembling success without stepping outside your comfort zone, then this isn't for you.
  • WILLING TO STEP ON A FEW TOES AND RUFFLE A FEW FEATHERS. The more you market your business, the more attention you’re going to get. You’ll be disrupting the status quo and putting your head above the parapet for all to see. This is hugely profitable, but also extremely uncomfortable for most. If that puts you off at all, this might not be for you. You cannot increase your profits, generate all the leads you want, build a rock solid brand and increase your revenue and profits without pissing somebody off. You're going to have to be willing to be disliked, criticised, and even hated, loathed, and reviled both by competitors as well as prospects and candidates who won't follow your rules. If you’re more interested in being “nice” to everyone for fear of being disliked or terrified of losing the odd sale, then you really won’t like what I’m sharing with you at Lead Genesis.

Still with me?


Because if you meet the criteria above, attending this event will be the wisest business investment you will make this year. And as you'll see in a moment, that’s a claim I'm willing to back up with my own time and money.

Why Come to ‘Lead Genesis’?

Let’s face it… most Recruitment and Search Firm Owners fall WAY below their potential. You can meet a Recruitment or Search Firm Owner doing well into six figures. But still just scraping by. Working flat out just to cover the cost of their underperforming consultants, long hours, treated like shit by clients, feast and famine income, the list goes on.

And it’s their own fault.

You know why?

It’s down to one thing and one thing only.

It’s a question I became obsessed with asking when I first entered the industry: “What’s the one thing that separates a VERY profitable and successful business from one that scrapes by?”

“Why is it that you can have one Recruitment or Search Firm Owner who’s struggling… and then at the same time, in the same market, offering the same service you’ll get another crushing it and making money hand over fist?”

Most people think it’s down to your recruitment skills. But I can tell you without a doubt that it’s NOT! Some of the most profitable businesses I’ve seen in this industry are run by the worst Recruiters you’ll find! Some of them had ZERO recruitment experience before they started out. And I’ve seen top billers of our time start their own business and crash and burn at the first hurdle (you probably know some of them).

So what is it?

If you know me well enough, it’s easy.


End of story.

Our marketing as an industry sucks. It’s boring (you know it, I know it, and your clients know it too). It’s incestuous (Most Recruitment and Search Firm Owners copy each other, so they all look the same) It’s desperate, it’s weak and timid, and it’s outdated! Most Recruitment and Search Firm Owners are still using the same old “dial and smile” techniques I was taught some 30 years ago! And they didn’t really work then!

This is the reason people are keeping their recruiting in-house instead of hiring you, it’s why they’re reluctant to spend money with you, it’s why they waste money and time on quick fixes that are never going to work long term, it’s why they ignore you and won’t return your calls, it’s why you’re continuously getting overlooked and they’re buying from the “big multinationals’ instead. Even though you know you could do a better job.

Maybe they’re stupid. Maybe they’re lazy. Maybe they’re tight and don’t want to spend the money. Or maybe it’s because YOU are approaching things WRONG!

You get your marketing right, you generate more leads, you get to speak to more people who have a need for your services, you make more sales. And that, in turn, leads to more cash in your back pocket. It all starts with marketing.

And 'Lead Genesis' will show you how to get your marketing right so you can attract clients on demand.

Don't just take my word for it... Here's what other Recruitment and Search Firm Owners have to say


Richard Blann

I followed Terry's advice and teachings and have to say it worked tremendously well. Boosted profit by over $250k in one year. I have no hesitation in recommending Terry to non-competitors especially if they are in a different geographical location!

Richard Blann, RandKA (Sydney, Australia)
Steve Hauge

Since working with Terry, I have experienced an amazing transformation in business development. As a business we are able to generate more sales enquiries than ever in the history of the business and all of them without ever making a cold call. In fact  we generated 82 leads in 4 days and signed one retained assignment, which when you consider we don’t really sell retained recruitment that was quite an achievement, the marketing has been so successful that potential clients are calling us, we have had to put the marketing on stop as we are unable to cope with so many leads in a short period of time. If you are tired of cold calling and would like to discover how to have your clients calling you I would recommend Terry

Steve Hauge, Foundation Resourcing (Harrogate, United Kingdom)
Ian Hardy

I have over seventeen years of recruitment experience and I was worried about investing time and money to be told what I already knew. However, since my first interaction with Terry, my mindset has changed dramatically. Terry has raised expectations and standards in both me and my consultants and brought about a massive improvement in the performance of the business. I have found the coaching inspirational, positive and motivating. The interesting thing is that not only has the business improved but things in other areas of my life have improved as well. Since working with Terry we have experienced a 6 fold increase in business and I am incredibly positive about the future.

Ian Hardy, Onyx Recruitment (London, United Kingdom)
Jon Salt

We’ve just finished our year end and have exceeded our STRETCHED target. (We beat our original target by 24% and our stretched target by 3%). Additionally, we have raised the proportion of retained business from virtually nothing to about 50%, we have changed the structure of the business and have Business Development Consultants and Delivery Consultants (Resourcers) which makes us more effective. And finally (you will be proud of me), we are doing our first LIVE seminar at the NEC, to existing, old and potential new customers.

Jon Salt, Affinity Search Ltd (Devon, United Kingdom)
Carys Mills

At first, I was sceptical about whether Terry's methods would work in my market with my clients, but in just the first four months of working with Terry, I had experienced the best quarter I've ever had in my business which I had been running for nine years. Within 12 months of working with Terry, I had quadrupled my business turnover from the previous year. Would happily recommend Terry and his work to any non-competing Search Firm.

Carys Mills, Carys Mills Consulting (London, United Kingdom)

What’s the “cost”?

‘Lead Genesis’ is essentially FREE – better than free in fact. Because the extra sales and profits you’ll make as a result of being in the room AND putting what you’ll learn to work in your business will more than cover any upfront investment for your seat.

Plus, it's 100% risk-free! Because when you spend two whole days with me at “Lead Genesis”  if for any reason you don’t think the proven profit growth strategies you’ll get access to will be worth a minimum of £100,000 in additional revenue for your Recruitment or Search Business over the next 12 months. Simply let me know, and I’ll refund your fees in full.

You have three ticket choices: General, Renegade or Elite 

General: £700 + VAT [SOLD OUT] Usually general admission is £900 but until 31st October 2017 you’ll qualify for the “Early Bird” discount and can claim your spot for just £700. This will give you full general admission to the event and all general event sessions. Buffet lunch and refreshments will be provided throughout both days and are included with your ticket. There are a total of 18 'Renegade' places up for grabs so act now if you don't want to miss out.

Renegade: £900 + VAT [SOLD OUT] Usually Renegade admission is £1000 but until 31st October 2017 you’ll qualify for the “Early Bird” discount and can claim your spot for just £900 – This includes 1 night’s accommodation at the hotel on the evening of the first day (29th November 2017), VIP access to ‘Lead Genesis’ and all general event sessions. VIP buffet lunch, snacks and refreshments will be provided throughout both days. And at the end of day one, you’ll be invited to the ‘Lead Genesis’ VIP dinner where you’ll share a table with me, some of my private clients and all the other ‘Renegade’ attendees. You’ll also qualify for a free 1 on 1 ‘Fast-Implementation’ Strategy Session where I’ll work with you personally to help you put everything you’ll learn at ‘Lead Genesis’ to work in your business so you can profit as quickly as possible. But hurry, there are only a maximum of 6 Renegade spots available.

Elite: £1300 + VAT [SOLD OUT] - Usually ‘Elite’ admission is £1500 but until 31st October you’ll qualify for the “Early Bird” discount and can claim your spot for just £1200. Your Elite ticket comes with all the perks of ‘Renegade’ admission, with a few added bonuses. Firstly,  you’ll get an additional night’s stay at the hotel included with your ticket (two nights in total). You'll also qualify for my "Top Billers Blueprint" training where I'll work with your team of consultants to help boost their performance and quickly add more profits to your bottom line. On top of that, you'll also get a FREE Elite guest pass so you can bring a co-director or member of your team along to the event too. There are only two 'Elite' places available at this time so don't wait around if this is the package you want.

Before You Decide…

Let’s put this into perspective: The “cost” of admission to ‘Lead Genesis’ with your “Early Bird” discount is just £700 (+ VAT where applicable), with travel expenses you’re perhaps looking at an additional £100 if you’re in the UK, closer to £400 if you’re from overseas. Then you’ve got potential accommodation costs which could be anywhere between £150-£500 depending on where you stay (If you go for the Renegade or Elite ticket your accommodation is included). So thats an absolute maximum total investment of £1600 (for you, it might be significantly less). Which works out at £4.38 per day over the course of the year. You’d pay more for a cup of crap coffee and a muffin from Starbucks. And if you can’t afford that, you probably shouldn’t be in business at all…

More to the point… For Most Recruitment and Search Firm Owners, just ONE SINGLE additional client as a direct result of the proven strategies you’ll get access to at ‘Lead Genesis’ will more than cover your investment ten times over… But I’m promising you significantly more than that.

Because when you spend two whole days with me at “Lead Genesis,” if for any reason you don’t think the proven profit growth strategies you’ll get access to will be worth a minimum of £100,000 in additional revenue for your Recruitment or Search Business over the next 12 months, simply let me know, and I’ll refund your fees in full. All I ask is that you stay for the whole event before you make a decision.

Event Details


Wednesday 29th & Thursday 30th November 2017


Day 1//  9:00AM - 6:00PM

Day 2//  9:00AM - 6:00PM


Sofitel London Heathrow, Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5, London, TW6 2GD

£700+ VAT
  • General admission to all main sessions (£900 Value)
  • Lunch and refreshments included throughout the day

£900+ VAT
  • VIP admission to all main sessions (£1000 Value)
  • Lunch, refreshments and snacks included throughout the day (£60 Value)
  • 1 night accommodation (£230 Value*)
  • ‘Lead Genesis’ VIP dinner (£77 Value)
  • ‘Fast-Implementation’ Strategy Session (£997 Value)

£1300+ VAT
  • VIP admission to all main sessions (£1000 Value)
  • Lunch, refreshments and snacks included throughout the day (£60 Value)
  • 2 nights accommodation (£460 Value*)
  • ‘Lead Genesis’ VIP dinner (£77 Value)
  • ‘Fast-Implementation’ Strategy Session (£997 Value)
  • Top Biller Blueprint Training (£2000 Value)
  • Elite Guest Pass so you can bring a co-director or team member with you for FREE (£997 Value)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I Bring A Guest?

You can bring as many guests as you like. As long as they each have a ticket. We would recommend only bringing guests who are main decision makers or solely responsible for the marketing of your business.

Do you do Discounts?


Is There Accommodation at The Hotel?

Yes, there is accommodation available at the hotel. Event attendees will be offered discounted rates so I would advise booking your ticket before you book the room, (full details are on the ticket confirmation page after purchase).

Is There Parking Available at the Hotel?

Yes there is parking at the hotel but I would advise contacting them directly to check availability