The Renegade Recruiter presents: Market Domination X

How To Dominate Your Market And Become The #1 Recruitment or Search Firm In Your Sector

From: The Desk of Terry Edwards

Dear Recruitment or Search Firm Owner,

You have a critical decision to make about the future success of your business.

The industry is in a very different place from where it was even just a year ago. The market is saturated in every single sector. And it’s getting more saturated by “look-alike” Recruitment and Search Firms by the day. Getting new business is harder now than it has been at any other time, quality candidates are scarce and are hard to come by. Your potential clients are reluctant to spend money and so constantly question your fees. And even when they are willing to pay, they’re being bombarded by every single one of your competitors with the same marketing messages, in the same way, so there is no guarantee they will choose you. It’s even getting tougher to convince the top performing consultants to join your firm and the very best consultants are starting new businesses of their own, adding to the already saturated market.

Not to mention the other business headaches you have to deal with on a daily basis! Delivering on work you’ve won, underperforming consultants who you have to pay regardless of their performance, hiring new staff, paying bills, Tax. You name it.

You’re having to work harder and longer hours just to stay in the same place. And these problems are only going to get worse… Unless you decide to do something about it. Gone are the days where you could get by on just a small fraction of the market share. The pie is getting smaller by the day, and 85% or more of the market will go hungry.

You may already have a relatively successful business, doing well into six or even seven figures. But growth?!

Very slow… If any at all.

Most Recruitment and Search Firm owners will do nothing and neglect facing this problem head on, only to regret their decision when it’s too late. But the abnormally ambitious Recruitment and Search Firm owners are willing to take things into their own hands and do something about it. You can either position your business as the leader in your market; dominate your niche; have clients coming to you rather than you having to chase them; work with the best clients for the fees you want and only if you want to at all. OR... you can slowly shrink out of existence.

The choice is yours…

And waiting even a moment longer will cost you thousands in lost business revenue and profits.

This is why you NEED to claim your copy of “Market Domination X”  

If you’re content being average, mediocre or normal and you’re happy to continue meandering along, NEVER experiencing any significant growth in your business, NEVER reaching your full potential and forever working harder just to stay in the same place, then do nothing. Keep doing what you’re doing, stop reading this letter and stay as you are.

But if you want improvement and you want to build a highly profitable business that experiences significant growth year after year, and dominates your sector. Then the only intelligent and rational decision you can make today is to claim your copy of “Market Domination X" before it's too late and you miss out.


What is Market Domination X?

'Market Domination X' is a proven blueprint for abnormally ambitious Recruitment and Search Firm owners who want to dominate their market and rapidly increase their business revenue and profits. If you’re brave enough, committed enough and serious enough to step up to the plate, you’ll be handed a proven blueprint to propel your Recruitment or Search Firm to the top of your niche and make your business the preferred choice for your ideal clients.

Modesty aside… A lot of people love what I have to say. And the Recruitment and Search Business owners I work with love the leads I help them generate, the clients and candidates I help them attract and the money I help them make.

I’ve been asked frequently and often, when am I going to do something like this - a training program that focuses on the core principles you need to increase the profits in your Recruitment or Search Business and dominate your market.

Well, I listened… and here it is: “Market Domination X”. It’s the ultimate guide to increasing the profits of any Recruitment or Search Business in today’s economy. It’s the only business growth program for Recruitment and Search Business owners that shows you how to dominate your market and is guaranteed to add a minimum of £100K in revenue to your business in 12 months or less.

But wait... before you even think about claiming your copy, you need to know Market Domination X is certainly not for “ordinary” Recruitment or Search Firm owners.

Who is Market Domination X For?

Market Domination X is for Recruitment and Search Firm Owners who are:

  • DETERMINED TO SUCCEED AND DOMINATE THEIR NICHE MARKET. The advanced marketing and positioning strategies you'll get access to during Market Domination X are designed to help Recruitment and Search Firm owners become the leading players in their sector. This event is strictly for people that want to dominate their market. If you're satisfied being just another mediocre firm that gets overlooked time and time again by the "big boys", this isn't for you.
  • WILLING TO TEST STRATEGIES THAT LEAVE THEM FEELING VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. If you're the type of person to trot along to event, after summit, after seminar, somehow thinking success is going to come your way just because you attended, then STAY HOME!  You're wasting your time and money. More to the point, you'll be taking up a space someone else would benefit from (there's a maximum of 30 seats available). Much of what you'll hear at Market Domination X will leave you feeling very uncomfortable and probably shit scared to try. But if you're stupid enough to think you can achieve anything even closely resembling success without stepping outside your comfort zone, then this isn't for you
  • WILLING TO STEP ON A FEW TOES AND RUFFLE A FEW FEATHERS. My philosophy revolves strongly around doing business and living life on your own terms. This involves charging the fees you want and deserve; working with only the best clients and candidates; repelling the bad ones and even firing clients who have become nothing more than a drain on your energy, time and resources. This is hugely profitable, but also extremely uncomfortable for most. If that puts you off at all, this might not be for you. You cannot dominate your market, build a rock solid brand and increase your revenue and profits without pissing somebody off. You're going to have to be willing to be disliked, criticised, and even hated, loathed, and reviled both by competitors as well as prospects, candidates and clients who won't follow your rules. If you’re more interested in being “nice” to everyone for fear of being disliked, or terrified of losing the odd sale, then you really won’t like what I’m sharing with you inside Market Domination X.

Still with me?


Because if you meet the criteria above, claiming your copy will be the wisest business investment you will make this year. And as you'll see in a moment, that’s a claim I'm willing to back up with my own time and money.

Why should you claim your copy ‘Market Domination X’ TODAY?

The SOLE PURPOSE of 'Market Domination X' is to DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE the efficiency, effectiveness, and PROFITABILITY of your Recruitment or Search business.

Anyone can start a Recruitment or Search business; and ALMOST anyone can KEEP one running to a certain extent — albeit with endless late nights, lost weekends, impoverished lives, lifestyles and relationships, and a mass of headaches and hassles.

But only a VERY RARE FEW can run a SUCCESSFUL business that gives them financial and temporal freedom and ultimately gives them the Personal Sovereignty they seek — that state of being able to choose to do WHAT you want, at the PRICE you want, with WHOM you want, and if, and only if you WANT to do it at ALL. It’s about living life on your TERMS.

And the key to that is a successful business.

And unfortunately for those that are unwilling to change, it also follows you’re not going to achieve that doing normal and average things. Normal and average behaviour gets you normal and average results. Look around and what you see is normal and average. The Recruitment or Search business you have now is likely normal and average too. And it won’t change and become extraordinary unless you modify the way you think and act.

And THAT is as good a reason as any (and better than most) to claim your copy of ‘Market Domination X’ today, before you miss your chance and it's too late.

But Don't Take My Word For It... Here's what other Recruitment and Search Firm Owners have to say...

Jon Salt

We’ve just finished our year end and have exceeded our STRETCHED target. (We beat our original target by 24% and our stretched target by 3%). Additionally we have raised the proportion of retained business from virtually nothing to about 50%, we have changed the structure of the business and have Business Development Consultants and Delivery Consultants (Resourcers) which makes us more effective. And finally (you will be proud of me), we are doing our first LIVE seminar at the NEC, to existing, old and potential new customers.

Jon Salt , Affinity Search Ltd (Devon, United Kingdom)
Richard Blann

I followed terry's advice and teachings and have to say it worked tremendously well. Boosted profit by over $250k in one year. I have no hesitation in recommending Terry to non-competitors especially if they are in a different geographical location!

Richard Blann, RandKA (Sydney, Australia)
Ian Hardy

I have over seventeen years of recruitment experience and I was worried about investing time and money to be told what I already knew. However, since my first interaction with Terry, my mindset has changed dramatically. Terry has raised expectations and standards in both me and my consultants and brought about a massive improvement in the performance of the business. I have found the coaching inspirational, positive and motivating. The interesting thing is that not only has the business improved but things in other areas of my life have improved as well. Since working with Terry we have experienced a 6 fold increase in business and I am incredibly positive about the future.

Ian Hardy , Onyx Recruitment (London, United Kingdom)
Carys Mills

At first, I was sceptical about whether Terry's methods would work in my market with my clients, but in just the first four months of working with Terry, I had experienced the best quarter I've ever had in my business which I had been running for nine years. Within 12 months of working with Terry, I had quadrupled my business turnover from the previous year. Would happily recommend Terry and his work to any non-competing Search Firm.

Carys Mills, Carys Mills Consulting (London, United Kingdom)
Alan Spalding

One of the biggest benefits of working with Terry is having an unbiased sounding board to share some of the frustrations of running a recruitment business. My business is so much more focused on the final destination, and we now work smarter and are standing out from all the other agencies out there.

Alan Spalding, Approach Personnel Ltd (Nottingham, United Kingdom)

Here's just a fraction of what you'll discover when you claim your copy...

Like I said... 'Market Domination X' is the complete blueprint for abnormally ambitious Recruitment and Search Firm owners who want to dominate their market and rapidly increase their business revenue and profits. But heres a closer look at exactly what you'll be getting access to

Module 1: Advanced Thinking for Recruitment and Search Firm Owners and The Five Golden Rules of Market Domination

I've been fortunate enough to study and spend time with some of the world's most successful Recruitment and Search Firm owners. The ones who have managed to break through the glass ceiling that holds most businesses back and achieve substantial growth year after year. And when you do that, one thing becomes crystal clear: If you don't have the right mindset, it's highly unlikely that you'll ever realise your full potential. In this section, I'll be sharing exactly what that mindset is, why it's so vital for you and what to do to make sure it’s something you adopt for your business. I'll also be unveiling the five absolute golden rules of market domination that will create the foundation for all future business successes.

Module 2: How to become 16 times more effective in your business and Increase Your Revenue and Profits Whilst Working Less

Most Recruitment and Search Firm owners that I speak to already work very hard. For a lot of them, simply “working harder” to grow their business to the level they would like isn’t an option, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. The only viable option for people like this is to get better results from the activities they’re already doing. In this session, we’ll be looking at how you and your team of consultants can become up to 16 times more effective in every task. This means you can very quickly improve your sales, profits and business revenue, and even work fewer hours. Giving you even more time to spend growing the business and more freedom to spend outside of it with your family and friends doing the things you really enjoy.

Module 3: Power Positioning and How to Make Your Recruitment or Search Firm The Preferred Choice In The Eyes Of Your Potential Clients

You have a choice to make about your business and the type of clients you work with. You can either work with the best clients the market has to offer, for the fees you want and on your terms. Or you can work with nightmare clients who don’t return your calls, hammer down your fees, never pay on time and constantly make life difficult for you and your team of consultants. The top clients will only do business with your firm if they view you in a certain way and nightmare clients will only dare approach businesses they think they can you push around. It all comes down to positioning and how your firm is perceived in the market. In this session, you’ll be given the tools you need to ensure your firm is positioned as the very best and the preferred choice for your ideal clients.

Module 4: How to Attract Clients Who Are Willing to Pay Your Premium Fees Even If You’re More Expensive Than Your Competitors

A key goal for you and I working together during this workshop is for you to achieve 'Price Freedom.' What is Price Freedom? It's the ability for you to charge the prices you want and deserve, without losing out on clients. You simply cannot build the business you desire if you're constantly being hammered on price. I will show you how to establish a Premium Pricing Strategy, where you're not only charging more than the competition, but your clients are more than happy to buy at those prices. This is one of the most powerful elements you’ll get at ‘Market Domination X. Plus, I'll show you how to identify and sell to your wealthiest prospects, who are willing to pay five to ten times what others are willing to pay.

Module 5: How to Build an Automated Marketing System That Attracts Leads, Clients and Profits on Demand

For most Recruitment and Search Firm Owners, one of the biggest obstacles stopping them from growing as quickly as they would like, or taking their business to the next level, is a lack of quality leads. In this session, we’ll show you exactly how to build a system that generates leads and clients on autopilot (even while you sleep). Having this in place will mean you can focus on other areas of the business, while the new leads and enquires keep rolling in.

Module 6: How to Convert More of Your Sales Meetings into New Business without being too Pushy, Salesy or appearing Desperate for Business

Let’s say the average value of each sale you make is £10,000 (or whatever your local currency is). And let’s say at the moment, you convert 4 of every 10 sales meetings you have into a paying client. And let’s say you meet with 10 potential clients a month on average.

That would mean right now, the sales in your business would amount to £40,000 per month, or £480,000 per year. But what would happen if you could improve that? What would happen if instead of converting just 4 out of every 10 sales meetings you had, you converted 6? That would turn a £40,000 month, into a £60,000 month; a £720,000 year! That’s without working any extra hours, without employing any new people, and without spending a penny extra on marketing. All you would have to do is improve your sales. During this session, I’ll give you the exact blueprint you need to attract clients and make sales "at will," without sounding too salesy, needy or desperate for business.

Module 7: How to Attract the Best Clients Your Market Has to Offer

There are some prospects in your market who spend more on Recruitment or Search Services and spend more often. These are the most profitable clients you can get and the more of them you have in your business, the more money you'll make. Most Recruitment and Search Firm Owners think attracting clients like this is all down to chance, they think it's a situation that happens by accident. But the top performing Recruitment and Search Firm owners go out and deliberately attract these people. There is a proven formula to find and attract this type of client into your business and in this session I'll show you exactly how to do it.

*Bonus Session 1*: How to Hire A Team Of Super Stars That Run Your Business As If It Were Their Own

The growth of your business depends largely on building the right team. If you’re sick and tired or hiring consultant after consultant, only to let them go a few months later because “things didn’t work out.” Or worse, you’re sick and tired of having under-performing consultants in your team that you have to pay regardless of their performance. And they’re ultimately costing your business money; this session will fix it for you. There’s a proven method to hiring the right people and training them to be top billers. Unfortunately, most Recruitment and Search Firm owners get it completely wrong, and instead of becoming an investment that helps grow the business, hiring staff is nothing but another very expensive headache costing the business money. In this session, I’ll show you the correct way to find, hire and train a team of superstar consultants that run the business as if it were their own.

*Bonus Session 2*: How to Win in a Candidate Driven Market

In many markets, the firm with the best candidates and the biggest talent pool wins the business. In this session, we’ll show you how to unlock the best candidates the market has to offer and how to present them to your ideal clients in a way they can’t refuse.

What’s the “cost”?

‘Market Domination X’ is essentially FREE – better than free in fact. Because the extra sales and profits you’ll make as a result of being in the room AND putting what you’ll learn to work in your business will more than cover any up-front investment.

And you can get your hands on everything included in the programme for just £750 + VAT ($980 USD Approx.) with FREE delivery anywhere in the world.

All you have to do to own ‘Market Domination X’ is click on the button below and then follow the simple on-screen instructions to checkout on our secure server using your credit or debit card. You will then get direct access to ‘Market Domination X’ so you can start adding revenue to your business – FAST

Before You Decide…

Let’s put this into perspective: The “cost” to claim your copy of ‘Market Domination X’ is just £750 + VAT ($980 USD Approx.). Which works out at £2.05 per day over the course of the year. You’d pay more for a cup of crap coffee from Starbucks. And if you can’t afford that, you probably shouldn’t be in business at all…

More to the point… For Most Recruitment and Search Firm Owners, just ONE SINGLE additional client as a direct result of the proven strategies you’ll get access to in ‘Market Domination X’ will more than cover your investment ten times over… But I’m promising you significantly more than that.

Because when you claim your copy of “Market Domination X”, if for any reason you don’t think the proven profit growth strategies you’ll get access to will be worth a minimum of £100K in additional revenue for your Recruitment or Search Business over the next 12 months, simply let me know, and I’ll refund your fees in full. All I ask is that you actually implement the proven ideas before you make a decision.

Your £100K Cash In The Bank Guarantee

Claim your copy of “Market Domination X”, if for any reason you don’t think the proven profit growth strategies you’ll get access to will be worth a minimum of £100K in additional revenue for your Recruitment or Search Business over the next 12 months, simply let me know, and I’ll refund your fees in full. All I ask is that you actually implement the proven ideas before you make a decision.