Recruitment Lessons from the Car Wash

There’s a big difference between being productive and being efficient… 🚀

In your recruitment or search business, it’s the difference between having a mildly successful business without the freedom you need and having a successful business that comes with all the freedom you want. 💼🌟

There are many examples of this, but none better than your delivery process, especially if you’re a contingency recruiter. 📦📈

Most contingency recruiters completely ignore their fill rate when it comes to delivery, and it’s costing them thousands in lost revenue and profits. 💸❌

They either don’t track it properly at all and have no idea what it is or even if they know it, they don’t do anything to improve it! 🚫📊

Just to make sure we’re on the same page here… 📖

When I say fill rate, I’m talking about the percentage of job orders you work on that end up in a placement. 📋✔️

For example, if you work on 10 job orders and 2 of them result in a placement, then your fill rate is 20%. 🔟➡️2️⃣0️⃣%

Here’s the thing… 🤔

Improving your fill rate from 20% to 30% would mean a 50% increase in revenue. 📈💵

Improving from 20% to 40% would double your business. 🚀💰

And the best part is, since you’re already working on those job orders anyway, it’s no extra work! 👍

No additional delivery costs, no extra salary paid out (except perhaps commission). 💼🤑

So the difference this could make in your profits is astronomical. 🌌📊

You could argue that working any job order is “productive”… ⚙️

But if they go unfilled, it’s not always “efficient”… ⏳❌

Recruitment Lessons from the Car Wash 🚗🧽

Round the corner from where I live, there’s a car washing service that I use quite regularly.

You can get a basic wash for around £10, but you can get a more premium service for around £100.

However, the difference in labor, time taken, resources, etc., to deliver the £100 service is nowhere near 10x more. 🕒🔧

This is something you need to think about when structuring your recruitment or search business for success. You could be making things significantly harder for yourself. 🤔💼

Something you need to understand about your recruitment fees: collecting a certain fee is not proportionally more difficult the higher it is. 💷📈

What I mean by this is, if you take two recruitment/search businesses:

  • One has an average fee of £8K.
  • Another has an average fee of £80K.

The business charging £80K for placement is getting 10x the fee, but they’re not working 10x as hard! 💰⚖️

It’s not 10x harder to sell your services for 10x the fee, even if it means selling it to a different group of people. And it’s certainly not 10x harder to deliver that service, even if it means working in higher salaried roles. 🏢💼

In fact, with very few exceptions, the work involved is the same: the same process used, the same software used, and the same resources put into the search, but for 10x the revenue. 🔄💻

(I’d argue the higher your fee is, the easier it is to sell and the easier it is to deliver, but more on that another time.) 💡📊

For one of these businesses, it’s going to take just 1 placement per month to bill just under £1M per year. For the other, it’s going to take 10-11 placements per month to do the same. 📅💷

You can find examples of this wherever you look. Terry and I spoke about this yesterday during a training we hosted called “The Secret Formula that Recruitment Owners Use to Go from Six-Figure Years to Six-Figure Months.” 📈🔍

Just in case you missed it, you can watch the replay here: ▶️

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