Rough seas make good recruiters?

Recently, I’ve received messages from recruitment/search business owners, expressing their frustrations about the current “challenging” market landscape… 

They’re sharing stories about clients and candidates dragging their feet, reduced recruitment activity, and fee negotiations becoming tougher… 😕

But here’s a thought: “Rough seas make good sailors…” ⛵ 

This saying holds true not just for sailors but for businesses too, especially in the recruitment/search industry. Market conditions are ever-changing, and each condition presents its unique set of opportunities and obstacles…

 It’s all part of the game! 💪

Instead of blaming external factors, take a moment to reflect on your approach… 

Are you adapting to the changing market dynamics? 

Are you adjusting your strategies for business development and sales to align with the current scenario? 

Remember, it’s not the market; it’s how you navigate through it that makes all the difference… ⚓

 Don’t be the sailor who refuses to adjust the sails in a shifting wind – embrace the challenges and steer your business toward success! 🌟

How your Recruitment Fees are keeping you stuck🌟

People often set the fees they charge for their recruitment or search services as an afterthought. 

They either look at what their competitors are charging and blindly copy them, or they randomly pick a number. 

Both methods are potentially dangerous to your business’s revenue and profits. 

In fact, the fee you charge has a direct impact on the quality of clients you attract, how long it takes you to reach your revenue goals, and the overall profitability of your business. 

Your pricing structure and the fee you charge your clients need a strategy and should be intentional, just like every other aspect of your business. ✨📊💼

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How to turn your LinkedIn connections into Recruiting clients 💪🌟

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Firing Recruiting Clients: 4 Signs You Should Let Them Go 🚫🚀

Firing Recruiting Clients: 4 Signs You Should Let Them Go

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