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Dear Friend,

      If you’re a Recruitment or Search Business Owner and you’re frustrated at the money you’re making and the amount of placement fees you know you’re missing out on… and you don’t yet know how or what you need to attract more clients, generate more revenue and take your Recruitment/Staffing or Search Business to the next level…

      And you know that one key step in the right direction is going to be enough to make it all start happening for you… then this is the most important and exciting message you could ever read.

    Because the truth is… regardless of recession, “the economy”, or even the stiffest, toughest, most cutthroat competition… you can enjoy vastly higher profits than you are getting right now; what’s more, you can easily enjoy these higher profits with less work, fewer headaches and a lot less hassle.

     I know this is a bold claim, but it’s one I stand behind 100% – in fact, as you’ll see in a moment, I’m not only going to share with you everything you need to know to make this happen, but I’m also going to guarantee it with my own money.

      But before I do that, I want to put you off if I possibly can because this might not be for you


    Because I’m asking you to make a modest investment in the future success and even survival of your Recruitment/Staffing or Search business. But more than that, more than the money, is the commitment I’m asking you to make.

    And if you’re not the kind of person willing to invest in your future success...

    Then what follows isn’t for you and read­ing it will just be a waste of your time.

    What’s more, this mes­sage is def­i­nitely NOT for you if:

1. You believe this or any­thing else for that mat­ter, is going to work for you without YOU putting ANY effort in. If you think that, then you’re read­ing the wrong mes­sage and lis­ten­ing to the wrong person. Make no mistake about it, to grow a successful Recruitment/Staffing or Search Business there will be a substantial amount of work involved. But trust me, it will be worth it!

    I’m telling you now, right upfront, if you take this next step, then you’re letting yourself in for some seri­ous hard work. Don’t apply if that puts you off, because that’s exactly my intention.

2. You’re not seri­ous about increas­ing the number of leads you generate each month, the number of clients you have and your business profits. The fact is, most Recruitment/Staffing and Search Business owners DON’T generate the amount of leads that they should, but with just a few tweaks to your marketing you will see a dramatic increase in the number of prospects you’re able to attract.

    IF you’re the kind of person I’m looking for, you will discover how Recruitment/Staffing and Search Business’s have gone from struggling to get by… To becoming the leading businesses in their sector and in some cases worldwide.

    Obviously I cannot guarantee you the same results in your own business, but as you’ll see in a moment, I AM promising you a substantial increase in your leads and sales, and it’s a promise I’m backing up with my own time and money.

3. You’re unwilling to change what you’re currently doing for the better. The truth is, IF what you’re doing now isn’t getting you the results you want, it never will. To get better results, you need to start doing things differently…  If you’re not willing to do that, please don’t bother wasting both our time because this really isn’t for you.

    So… If you’re still with me, then it tells me you’re serious about wanting a dramatic improvement in your Recruitment/Staffing or Search Business and you’re prepared to knuckle down and work up a good sweat so that it happens.

    And it tells me you’re exactly the kind of person I want joining me!

    But First…

Happy to say that I have won business from putting Terrys methods into practice so I have no hesitation in recommending him to non-competitors especially if they are in a different geographical location!

Richard Blann
RandKA Flexible Recruitment Solutions

Who Am I & How Can I Help You Generate More Leads, Sign more Clients & Increase Your Recruitment/Staffing Profits?


I’m Terry Edwards, A.K.A The Renegade Recruiter...

For over a decade, I’ve dedicated my time in finding out what the top performing Recruitment and Search Business Owners in the world do differently from everybody else…

Why is it that some Search Firms are extremely successful and then at the same time, in the same market, selling what is pretty much the same service, you can have another Search Firm struggling to get by and who can’t seem to generate the income they want or attract the clients they need?

What’s the difference that makes the difference?

What I’ve found is, the really successful Recruitment/Search Business Owners aren’t any more intelligent than everybody else, they don’t have a better service; there not even necessarily better at what they do… But the one thing they do have, is a working, reliable and predictable system for bringing in clients and candidates, generating leads and increasing business profits…

I now spend my time sharing this exact system with Recruitment and Search Business Owners all over the world, so you can get similar results and transform your business too…

My clients include some of the world’s most successful Search Firms on both sides of the Atlantic…  and every month, Recruitment/Staffing and Search Business Owners from all over the world attend our online seminars, events and video training programmes.  Over 10 thousand Recruitment/Staffing and Search Business Owner receive my business growth tips via email on a daily basis…

If I were you,

The question you should ask yourself is..

“Is there a reason why so many of the world’s top performing Recruitment and Search Business owners, so regularly take Terry's advice and put it into practice in their businesses?”

Of course there is. And I can assure you it’s NOT because of my age, charm or good looks.

No… it’s because I get results. And in the marketing game, that’s what counts and It’s ALL that counts.

Now, the rea­son I’m shar­ing this with you is not to brag.  it’s so you know when I say I’m sharing some­thing pow­er­ful and prof­itable with you, then it’s worth your while tak­ing notice.

So Here’s My Proposition For You Today…

IF… you are serious about growing your Recruitment or Search Business, and you’re willing to be open minded enough to welcome new ideas – many of which will be counterintuitive and may even contradict what you’ve learned, assumed and believed to be true about marketing and selling your Recruitment/Search Services.

AND… You’re willing to invest time into IMPLEMENTING the proven strategies I will share with you.

THEN… please accept my warm and very personal invitation to collect your very own personal copy of “Rapid Recruitment Profits”, and get access to the simple yet astonishingly powerful marketing system that I share with my best clients.  I use it in my own business to convert a constant and predictable stream of high-value leads and clients all year round, in any economy and without spending a fortune on marketing.

365 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Save over £1000 when your order your copy today! And if at any time during your first year, you don’t believe this program is going to be worth to you at least 10 times what you paid for it. All you have to do is let me know via email or telephone and I’ll immediately refund 100% of your investment. No questions asked, no hassle and no fine print. You don’t even have to send the course content back to me.

That means you can try it for free.  It will either be free thanks to the immediate surge of qualified clients come to your door.  Or it will be free when you return it for a full refund. I can’t say fairer than that can I?

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This Is What a Lot of People Have Been Waiting For

Modesty aside… A lot of people love what I have to say. And the Recruitment and Search Business Owners I work with love the leads I help them generate, the clients and candidates I help them attract and the money I help them make.

I’ve been asked frequently and often, when am I going to do something like this, that focuses on the core principles you need to increase your Recruitment/Staffing profits.  Instead of focusing on the niche products like LinkedIn Lead Rush and Online Marketing Domination.

Well, I listened… and here it is: Rapid Recruitment Profits’. It’s the ultimate guide to increasing the profits of any Recruitment/Staffing or Search Business in today’s economy.

And, if YOU are struggling to attract the business you know is out there and enjoy the profits waiting for you… just understand one thing…

It’s NOT Your fault

Here’s why: There are a million and one different ways to grow your Recruitment or Search Business, attract more clients and make more sales… and that’s just the problem.

You’re spoiled for choice.

And because you don’t know what’s going to work best, you don’t know where to start and end up doing nothing…

Or maybe you kind of dabble in different ‘patchy promotions’ … But you don’t have a working, reliable and predictable method for bring in clients (that’s not your fault, either — and all it takes is a simple tweak and I’ll fix it for you).

Worse still… Because you’re so busy running ever faster just to stay in the same place, you never seem to have time to focus on what’s REALLY important: working ON the business and not IN the business.

‘Rapid Recruitment Profits’ changes all that for you.

Fast and permanently.

Here’s What You’re Getting…

Four audio CD’s & accompanying workbook packed full of proven strategies to increase your business revenue and profits with less work and fewer headaches.

Part One: Recruitment Business Marketing 101

Part ones gets you up and running with the fundamentals you need to immediately start getting better results from your marketing.

As with all sections of this program, none of what you’ll discover is based on guesswork or theory – It’s all based on tried, tested and proven strategies used by the world’s top performing Recruitment/Search Businesses to win clients.

Here’s what you’ll discover…

  • The three BIG threats to your Recruitment/Staffing or Search Business that could potentially put you out of business and how to protect yourself against them
  • The 3 part, easy to follow formula for increasing your profits without fail and with less work and effort that you might of thought possible
  • Discover the DARK Recruitment/Staffing secret that the BIG search firms don’t want you to know and will never tell you about growing your business

Part Two: Premium Pricing & Premier Positioning For Recruitment Profits 

One of the quickest ways to increase your profits is to increase your prices…

If you can get your clients to pay you more for what you do, you will make more money with less work and it’s as simple as that.

Increasing your prices isn’t hard, it just takes a simple decision… The hard part is increasing your prices without losing any business…

‘Rapid Recruitment Profits’ will share with you how to do just that without any headaches and in what we’ve found to be the quickest and easiest way possible.

Here’s what you’ll get…

  • We reveal why your Recruitment/Staffing fees could be damaging your business
  • How to position yourself as the leading expert in your sector and make your Recruitment/Staffing Business the only option in the eyes of your prospects
  • How to charge more for what you do without losing any business
  • And more…

Part Three: The Ultimate Recruitment Client Attraction System

Imagine coming into your office on a Monday morning to be greeted with dozens of messages all from potential clients and candidates who want to work with you…

Imagine instead of desperately chasing clients, they came to you pre-sold and ready to buy your Recruitment/Search services.

This is the reality for Recruitment/Staffing and Search Business Owners who have a working and reliable client attraction system in their business.

In part three you will discover how to build a magnetic marketing system into your business, so your clients are drawn to you and you never have to chase them again.

Here’s what you’ll discover…

  • The simple step-by-step and easily copied marketing system guaranteed to get you in front of more qualified  prospects
  • How to put together and package an irresistible offer that your potential clients just can’t turn down
  • We will share the top 5 lead generation strategies for the top performing Recruitment/Staffing and Search Business Owners (HINT: Coldcalling is NOT one of them)
  • And more…

Part Four: Internet Marketing Domination 

As a Recruitment/Staffing or Search Business Owner, Internet marketing is one the fundamental skills you will need to master if you want your Recruitment/Staffing business to reach it’s full potential. The problem is, if you’re like most Recruitment/Staffing Business Owners, you’ve never been shown how to use the Internet to generate leads and at the moment your website is going to waste.

Part four will reveal what you need to do to get your prospects to visit your website, turn those visitors into leads and then how to convert those leads into paying Recruitment/Staffing clients.

Here’s what you’ll discover….

  • The Internet marketing profits formula
  • What you need to generate leads online
  • The secret to getting your prospects pre-sold and ready to buy your Recruitment or Search services
  • And more…
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But Don’t Just Take My Word For It. See For Yourself What Other Recruitment/Search Business Owners Are Saying About It…

I have only been working with Terry for a few months but he has already transformed my thinking and the results are now there to see. He has a clear understanding of what needs to be done and has helped me to implement a client attraction system that works. I would happily recommend Terry to any non competitor of mine.

Lee Hancock

i4C Executive Search Limited

I have been a recruitment business owner for 15 years and in that time I have met numerous coaches and trainers. I wasn’t keen at first to work with drewcoaching as I thought after nearly 15 years in the business there was little else I could learn about building a recruitment business, another concern was the fact I would be sharing my companies details with someone who works with  many of my competitors   Since working with drewcoaching, I have experienced an amazing transformation in business development. As a business we are able to generate more sales enquiries than ever in the history of the business and all of them without ever making a cold call. In fact  we generated 82 leads in 4 days and signed one retained assignment, which when you consider we don’t really sell retained recruitment that was quite an achievement, the marketing has been so successful that potential clients are calling us, we have had to put the marketing on stop as we are unable to cope with so many leads in a short period of time. If you are tired of cold calling and would like to discover how to have your clients calling you I would recommend drewcoaching

Steve Hauge
Foundation Resourcing

I have owned my own recruitment firm for 14 years now, and I must say I was reluctant to engage drewcoaching as I questioned if I would get my monies worth, also I believed that if there is anything that needs doing to improve the performance of the business than I would do it. However I have found with working with drewcoaching is, I am more focused than at any other time in my career, it is also great to have a sounding board to vent some of my frustration that comes with running a recruitment business. The main advantage of engaging drewcoaching is my marketing knowledge has increased substantially and our sales have improved dramatically. If you are looking to increase sales and performance of your team I would recommend drewcoaching…

Eloise Shelton

Vanilla Recruitment

But Hurry….. This Is Only Available For A limited Time

Usually this programme sells online for £1196.40, which is coverts to about $1825 if you’re in the states…

But the good news is, I’m not going to ask for anything like that from you today… Why you ask?

Well… It’s because we’ve just met… How do you know this programme will work for you when so many others have failed?

The truth is you don’t…

So it’s up to me to prove it to you and deliver you results upfront, without there being any risk on your part… So here’s what I’m going to do…

For a limited time only, just two monthly instalments of £1196.40 £47 + VAT ($71 USD Approx.) gets ‘Rapid Recruitment Profits’ and all its profit growing and Business success secrets dropping into your mail box.  Delivery is FREE, anywhere in the world…

All you have to do to own ‘Rapid Recruitment Profits’ is click on the button below and then follow the simple on-screen instructions to checkout on our secure server using your credit or debit card. You will then get direct access to ‘Rapid Recruitment Profits’ so you can start adding revenue to your business – FAST


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How To Get The ‘Rapid Recruitment Profits System’ Effectively FREE…

If we’ve just met and if you don’t have a relationship with me yet, you obviously have no way of knowing that I can actually help you grow your Recruitment/Staffing business and you have no way of knowing that I can deliver the results I say I can and resolve all your lead generation and client getting problems…

So there’s always going to be an element of risk involved on your part and you’re bound to be a somewhat sceptical.

So here’s what I’m willing to do…

I want to remove any risk on your part and invest in our relationship, so I’m also backing this up with my remarkable 1 Year/356 day 100% money back guarantee…

Here’s how that works…

You don’t have to decide now. Click the big blue button to collect your copy of the ‘Rapid Recruitment Profits’ program, try if for the next 12 months. and if you don’t believe it’s going to be worth to you at least 10 times what you paid for it. All you have to do is let me know via email or telephone within the first 365 days and I’ll immediately refund 100% of your investment. No questions asked and completely hassle free.

So get this program today and either see a dramatic increase in the amount of leads your able to generate, the amount of clients you’re able to attract into your business and see and increase in your Recruitment/Staffing profits or I’ll give you 100% of your investment back.

That’s how convinced I am, that you making the decisions to get this program today will have a dramatic impact on the future success of your Recruitment/Staffing business.

Wishing you continued success....

Terry Edwards

Worlds Leading Marketing & Client Attraction Expert for Recruitment/Staffing and Search Businesses

Marketing For Business Success


Victory House, 400 Pavilion Drive,
Northampton Business Park
Northampton NN4 7PA


Phone: 0845 890 4004

P.S.  If at any time during your first 365 days you don’t believe this program is going to be worth to you at least 10 times what you paid for it. All you have to do is let me know via email or telephone and I’ll immediately refund 100% of your investment. No questions asked and completely hassle free.

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