Stuck in the Mud

If you’re anything like 99% of the Recruitment and Search Business Owners we speak to daily…

The difference between having the business you do today and the one you really want doesn’t lie in some fancy new automation… 🤖

It’s not going to come from AI… 🧠

It has very little to do with the economy… 💰

It isn’t about having the latest tech stack… 💻

Don’t get me wrong… ALL these things can help, but they’re NEVER the difference makers…

There’s only one thing stopping you from having the business you really want…

And it’s YOU… Simply put, you’re making mistakes that are keeping you stuck in the mud! 🚫

That’s the bad news… 😞

The good news is, that these mistakes are very easily fixed once you become aware that you’re making them… 🌟

There are three main areas you’re probably making mistakes right now if you’re not getting the results you want…

You’re making mistakes in your marketing and business development – This is about getting your ideal prospects to know you exist and building enough authority that they want to speak to you about your services. 📣

You’re making mistakes in your sales – This is all about converting enough of the right prospects into clients for the right fee. 💼

You’re making mistakes in your delivery – This is about filling the assignments you win with the best quality candidates in the shortest amount of time possible. ⏱️

Where’s the biggest blockage for you right now? 🚧

All these areas have easy fixes if you know where to look… 🔍

A while back, I put together a video training with an accompanying workbook that shows you how to increase your fees and still win more business… You can access it for free below 📹📔

Here’s the training and Workbook

Life and Recruitment Biz Lessons from Beverly Hills Cop 🎬👮‍♂️📈

So, last night, my wife and I sat down to watch the new “Beverly Hills Cop” 🎬…

It’s worth a watch if you’re even slightly a fan of any of the previous three films 🍿…


As I was watching, Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy’s character) started to remind me of many of the Recruitment and Search Business Owners I speak to… 🤔

Just in case you’re completely unfamiliar…

Foley is a rogue police detective 👮‍♂️… He’s the best in the business and really good at what he does…

But being the best detective in town often means he works long hours 🕒 and endures a lot of stress! 😫

This inevitably spills over into his home life, and over the years, his family suffers… 😔

In the film, he’s divorced and has an estranged relationship with his adult daughter, whom he hasn’t spoken to in five years… 💔

And even though this is just a film…

I see many of the Recruitment/Search Business Owners I speak to quickly heading towards a similar life! 😟

If they’re not there already! 🚨

Here’s something I see all the time…

A successful recruiter will set up a business because they want to provide for themselves and their family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦…

To have more free time, more freedom, and more security 🕊️…

But they quickly end up with the exact opposite… ⚠️

And even though the business might be doing “OK,” the stress that comes with it is damaging other areas of their lives! ⚡

Not being home in time for dinner or to put the kids to bed 🍽️…

Missing date nights and important events… 🎉

And even though they may be providing financially, they’re never present, so their family starts to build resentment… 😞

Here’s the thing! ✋

A lot of this can be fixed by having the right structure in place when it comes to growth… 📈

This is exactly why we designed the “APEX method”… 🏆

It not only helps you grow revenue but does so in a way that gives you more freedom and security… 🌟

It’s about building a business that supports the lifestyle you want and not one that damages everyone close to you… 💪

One of the things core to this is charging the fees you want and deserve for your services… 💵

Harnessing the Power of Visualization 🌟📊

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Transform Your Mindset – Key Strategies for Success on Your Next Sales Call 🧠🔑📞🏆

🔍 Every week we get the Recruitment and Search Business Owners to share some of their biggest wins…

Here is a selection of our favorites:

  • “We have implemented a cancellation fee in our exclusive agreements for the first time. 💼📄💰”

“We have implemented a cancellation fee in our exclusive agreements for the first time.”

  • 3 New Roles 🆕👥

3 New Roles

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