Meet Terry Edwards AKA the Renegade Recruiter

I’m Terry Edwards, lead generation and Recruitment marketing expert…

When I first entered the Recruitment world over 25 years ago, I joined one of the leading IT Search Firms at that time. I had no Recruitment experience, but I had worked in HR Training and Development.

I was given a rolodex and told to get on the phone and start prospecting for business. That was exactly what I did and it worked.  I would call IT Directors and HR Directors and tell them what a great Firm we were and what a great job we could do for them finding top performing IT professionals.

Don’t get me wrong, that method worked and I would bill 200k – 300k per year, every year. As I said though, that was over 25 years ago and things have significantly changed since then.  For example, in my day I would fax a CV to my client and I would also have to post it as the fax copy would fade.  In fact, in our company we had a post room to handle the hundreds of CVs that would go out on a daily basis..

The good old days….

I then set up my own Search Firm.

The first 12 months were a disaster! In fact, I only billed 52k in that period, when previously I would regularly bill 60k in a quarter.  To say I was disillusioned and frustrated is an understatement.

I was then fortunate enough to meet a Business Mentor who shared some words with me that would go on to change my life.

He said.. 

“Your success as a Recruitment Business Owner has nothing to do with how good you are as a Recruiter, it has everything to do with how good you are at attracting clients and candidates.”

He explained that to be successful as a Recruitment Business Owner, you have to master Marketing…

He also explained that I didn’t actually have a business, I had a job.  In other words, I worked, billed and had money.  Whereas, as a successful business owner, whether I personally billed or not, I would still be generating income.  So it was imperative I created a business…

For the best part of half a decade, I’ve dedicated my time in finding out what the top performing Recruitment/Staffing Business Owners in the world do differently from everybody else…

Why is it that some Search Firms are extremely successful and then at the same time, in the same market, selling what is pretty much the same service, you can have another Search Firm struggling to get by and who can’t seem to generate the income they want or attract the clients they need?

What’s the difference that makes the difference?

What I’ve found is, the really successful Recruitment/Staffing Business Owners aren’t any more intelligent than everybody else, they don’t have a better service; they’re not even necessarily better at what they do… But the one thing they do have, is a working, reliable and predictable system for bringing in clients and candidates, generating leads and increasing business profits…

I now spend my time sharing this exact system with Recruitment Business Owners all over the world, so you can get similar results and transform your business too…

My clients include some of the world’s most successful Search Firms on both sides of the Atlantic…  and every month, Recruitment/Staffing Business Owners from all over the world attend our online seminars, events and video training programmes.  Over 10 thousand Recruitment/Staffing Business Owners receive my business growth tips via email on a daily basis…

If I were you,

The question you should ask yourself is..

“Is there a reason why so many of the world’s top performing Recruitment/Staffing Business owners, so regularly take my advice and put it into practice in their businesses?”

Of course there is. And I can assure you it’s NOT because of my age, charm or good looks.

No… it’s because I get results. And in the mar­ket­ing game, that’s what counts and It’s ALL that counts.

Now, the rea­son I’m shar­ing this with you is not to brag. It’s so you know when I say I’m sharing some­thing pow­er­ful and prof­itable with you, then it’s worth your while tak­ing notice.

Your Next Steps

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