$134 in just 30 days

In December last year, a Recruitment Business Owner and old client of mine called Skip Freeman made a simple decision about his business…

It didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, but so far that decision has added $134K in business revenue to his bottom line. He made the right choice. But it could have been so different…

Everyday Recruitment and Search Firm owners from around the world are faced with the same choice, but many get it wrong.

It’s costing them thousands in lost business revenue and profits. AND lost hours in the office that they could have spent with family.

And the worst part is, it’s a decision they probably don’t even realise they’re making.

The good news is, My friend Plamen convinced Skip to share with you exactly what that decision is and how to make sure you’re getting it right in your business.

In this interview, Skip reveals how he went from working on contingency to securing his first five retained assignments just 30 days after making the decision.

If you want to move from working on contingency to retained assignments, or you already work on retainers but want to do it more often, it’s worth listening in while it’s available.

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