2 reasons you did it

Most Recruitment and Search Firm Owners I meet set up their business for one of two reasons in the main

And if you’re anything like them you’ll probably be the same.

  1. The potential for income
  2. To have more control of your time

In fact, for most people, it’s likely to be the combination of the two.

There may be a few other reasons for you, but any of the other reasons you may have are probably just a product of the above.

So here’s a question for you.

And I want you to be honest with yourself because it’s important.

Over the past twelve months have you personally generated the income you want AND had the free time you want to go with it?

Or do you wish you generated more and had better control of your time instead of being at the beck and call of your business?

If the answer to the first question was “No

Then what are you going to do differently to ensure the next 12 months go better for you?

… I have the answer for you,

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Terry Edwards AKA the Renegade Recruiter