4 Reasons clients HATE Recruiters

The worst thing you can do if you want to make more sales in your Recruitment or Search business is to be seen as, perceived as, or thought of as just another Recruitment or Search Firm.

Let’s be honest.

Your clients don’t really like most Recruitment or Search Firm Owners,

A lot of Recruitment or Search Firm Owners don’t even like most Recruitment and Search Firm Owners.

It’s often unsaid, but there is a big distrust within our industry.

But don’t be offended… Their hatred and distrust towards you isn’t just unique to you as a Recruitment or Search Firm Owner, but apply to anyone who’s trying to sell them something. And anyone who appears to be a salesperson.

Here are four reasons why this happens:

  1. They’ve been conditioned since childhood to hate being sold to – What most people hear growing up from parents, teachers or other influencers about sales people and selling, in general, isn’t good. As a Recruitment or Search Firm Owners you’re just the big bad sales person they have been conditioned to fear
  2. They’ve had bad experiences before – Most of us have been aggressively pushed into buying something that has turned out to fall well below our expectations.
  3. They doubt their own decision-making ability – They’ve made bad decisions before and ended up getting their fingers burnt. So now they’re sceptical of your message even if they actually like you and want what you have to offer.
  4. They may, at any given time be trying not to spend money – And as the sales person in this situation, you directly conflict with their motive.

All valid reasons in my opinion.

But even if you don’t think they’re valid, you still have to accept them because it’s what your potential clients are thinking about you right now.

And the only way to stop these thoughts being a problem is to stop looking like every other Recruitment to Search Firm Owner in the market when it comes to selling your services.

And here’s how you do it….

Stop being too easily and readily accessible – You might have heard me talk about the “Recruitment Whore” before today. But if not, I’m sure you get the picture. Don’t be so easy and readily available. Make people jump through hoops for the chance to work with you and your firm. Not EVERYONE is an ideal client. Don’t be afraid to walk away from bad business.

Stop being pliable – Most Recruitment and Search Firm Owners are so desperate to win business that they’re willing to bend over a desk to please a potential client that only might buy. This includes but is not limited to reducing fees, offering discounts and travelling across country without a commitment from the potential client.

Stop being too eager – Most Recruitment and Search Firm Owners put potential clients on a pedestal and are overly eager to please. They come across needy, desperate for business and end up repelling potential buyers

Get your clients to come to you – People are more likely to buy when they feel like they have made the first decision rather than being chased or cohered into one.

The only way to achieve all the above is to have more leads than you can handle so you can afford to be “choosey“. And by building a marketing system that has your ideal clients coming to you so you don’t have to desperately chase them.

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