4 things every prospect must have

Before anyone buys your Recruitment or Search services, there are four things they must have.

1. They must have a need

2. They must know who you are

3. They must like you

4. They must trust you to deliver the results they’re looking for

No sale is made without your prospects having these four things.

And although that sounds simple enough,

it’s incredibly hard to find people who have all the four things in place at that same time.

And thats why the majority of Recruitment and Search Firm Owners struggle to win as much business as they want.

They’ll find people with a need but who don’t know them, like them or trust them.

They’ll find individuals who trust and like them but with no need,

It’s an endless battle.

The good news is… There’s probably something that you’re over looking that will make this whole process 100x easier and 100x more effective (pretty much overnight) .

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Terry Edwards AKA the Renegade Recruiter

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