#50: What Tom Cruise Taught The Bulgarian Recruitment/Search Firm Owner

I’ve got a fresh episode of the ‘Renegade Recruiter Unleaashed’ Podcast for your ear drums tomorrow!

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In this episode I interview Plamen Ivanoff Co-Founder of GrassGreener Group, a UK based Recruitment/Search Firm, And Co-Founder of i-intro, a revolutionary platform helping Recruitment and Search Firm Owners charge higher fees, win more retained assignments and stand out from their competitors.

In this interview, Plamen shares how he took his Recruitment Firm from working on a contingency basis, to working on 100% retained business within 18 months…

He talks about the difference it made to his business, why it’s made him more profitable and more productive and how you can do the same.

Here’s just a fraction of what you’re getting…

.How a Bulgarian Recruitment Business owner challenged the status quo so that his clients only work with him on retainers
.How gaining a business partner and losing a son in law, was a benefit to the recruitment industry
.Why the Jerry Maguire film proved to be a game changer for Plamen’s business and how it could be for yours too
.Plamen gives us the secret to getting more repeat business more often without having to lower your fees
.Why consultants HATE their job, yet fear getting sacked and what to do about it
.Plamen shares with us why ‘ignorance is bliss’ was good for his business and YOU
.Get access to how Plamen increased his fees and got more business, and how you can the same
.Why clients and candidates don’t respect what you do, and how to turn their perception around
.Why top performing consultants will never join your firm, and what to do about it
.Plamen shares with us his emotional roller coaster journey that any Recruitment or Search Firm owner can relate too.
.Find out how to work less and earn more money
And much more…

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