8 signs you’re bad at ‘selling’​ Recruitment

Most Recruitment and Search Business Owners have NEVER been taught how to sell properly!

I speak to them almost every day of the week and with very few exceptions they suck at it….

Even if they think they don’t, they usually do…

And on the rare occasion, I meet a Recruitment or Search Business Owner who is good at selling their services… I soon find they’ve employed a bunch of consultants who aren’t…

You can still achieve some success doing it the wrong way… But your days are filled with frustration because you fall well short of where they know they should be…

And the worst part is… Most the Recruitment and Search Business Owners don’t even realise they’re doing it wrong because they’re doing it the only way they know how…

Usually, the way they’ve been taught by their previous employer…

And it occurred to me… You might be making the same mistakes!

So here’s 8 clear signs the sales process in your Recruitment or Search Business is failing you and sabotaging the potential revenue you make…

  1. You’re working on contingency assignments rather than retained or exclusive job orders: Selling means to give something (i.e. your service), in exchange for money or at least some form of commitment. Contingency job orders involve no commitment from the Hiring Manager
  2. You’re working for fees less than you believe your services to be worth
  3. You’re not generating as much revenue as you would like in your business
  4. You find yourself working with clients you don’t like because you’re scared of missing out on future revenue
  5. You find yourself meeting with prospects only for them to “ghost” you and never return your calls
  6. You constantly lose out on good business to your competitors
  7. You’re “busy” working on job orders but your cash flow is struggling
  8. Your prospects think you’re “too expensive” even though you know the value they get in return far outweighs the fee you’re asking for

I could go on… Want to fix that? Here are four ways you can start…

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