All aboard the gameswaggon

So as I mentioned a couple of days ago, I celebrated my 60th birthday with a party for close family and friends on Sunday.

And as you might imagine, lots of my friends have kids.

So as well as adult entertainment… We also had some children’s entertainment too.

Including a magician… And the thing that stood out to me the most “A games waggon”.

Now, you’d be forgiven for not knowing what a games waggon is because I certainly didn’t know until recently.

My sister told me about it…

But it’s basically a massive van kitted out with several flat screen TV’s in the back, all hooked up to the latest gaming consoles.

And essentially all they do is drive the van to your location of choice, park up, swing open the back doors and it becomes a portable, self-powered gaming pod.

And all the kids at the party loved it.

I think the magician was left bored at points because everyone was more interested in the games waggon.

Anyway… I got speaking to the driver of the van, and he was telling me that although almost everyone loves the idea, loves the service and can’t speak highly enough of it.

They didn’t have as much business as they wanted.

And when I asked why, he told me it was because they rely solely on referrals.

If people remember to refer them, they get business, but if they don’t get referrals or don’t get as many as they would like they struggle.

And there’s a lesson you can take from that as a Recruitment or Search Business Owner.

Any business that only has one main route to market will never have as much business as they would like.

This isn’t just exclusive to referrals either.

If you’re relying on cold calling, networking, LinkedIn or any other one route to market your business is at risk.

The more methods you have for attracting new clients into our business, the better off you’ll be.

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Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless…

Terry Edwards