Are you happy with the “norms”?

“Most people go through life making decisions by default, choosing only from narrow options dictated by others or by evolving circumstances….

One millionaire friend of mine grew up in a very small town where, as he put it, there were two career options: working at the factory or raising pigs and chickens…

With only a few exceptions, everybody he went to school and graduated with chose one of those two options. Stayed there, did one of those two things, died there. He left…”

The above is a quote from one of Dan Kennedy’s books – “No B.S. Business Success In The New Economy.”

And it’s a quote that rings especially true for the majority of Recruitment & Search Firm Owners out there in the market…

You see… Whenever I meet or speak to a Recruitment/Staffing or Search Firm Owner, who’s stuck or frustrated at the number of clients they have. It’s usually because they allow themselves to be restricted by “the norms” or “industry standards” in one way or another….

They position themselves in the same way as almost everybody else in their market,

Their pricing structure is the same as their closest competitor,

And they market and sell their services in exactly the same way as almost everybody else in their industry!

…Then, they wonder why they end up being overlooked with a business that doesn’t stand out to potential clients!

… When it comes to growing your business…. You have more options available to you than ever before!

So why would you choose to limit your business growth the “the norms” and “industry standards”?

Especially when “the norm” in this industry is to be struggling to attract all the clients you need.

If you operate your business this way, then you might as well be stuck in a small town with a profound belief in only two options for your future – The factory or the farm.

I’ve worked with and spoken to some of the worlds most successful Recruitment & Search Firm Owners and if there’s one thing that separates them from everybody else… It’s the fact that without exception; they do things radically differently.

They’re more than willing to go outside of “the norms”… Because they know that that’s the only way to achieve stunning success.

What about you?…

Are you happy to stick with “the norms” & “industry standards”?.

Or do you want to achieve stunning success…

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Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless…

Terry Edwards