Available tomorrow (20/2/20)

Tomorrow I’m getting a few Recruitment and Search Business Owners together for an online training called “How to supercharge your telephone prospecting… Without spending any more time on the phone”..

Would you like to join us?

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There’s no cost to join, all you have to do is click the link below and register your details.

Here’s some of what we’ll be covering….

  1. How to improve the results you get from using the telephone by up to 10xwithout making 10x the number of calls
  2. Find out why the way most Recruitment and Search Business Owners use the phone to generate business is flawed and what to do instead
  3. We reveal how the Recruitment and Search Business Owners we help spend significantly less time on the phone but still get better results
  4. How to accurately predict which Hiring Managers have a need for your services before you call them so you can make sure you’re only dialling interested prospects

Right now, you can join for free… but spaces are limited to just 100 Recruitment and Search Business Owners world wide. So if you want ‘IN’ register your space today –

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