Certainty = predictable growth for recruiters

When it comes to attracting new clients, most Recruitment and Search Firm Owners engage in a series of random tactics but lack any real strategy.

There’s nothing wrong with tactics. A series of thought out, working and reliable tactics should form part of your overall strategy.

But being randomly tactical and relying on luck or hope to win your next client could kill your business growth.

So let me ask you this…

Do you know with some degree of certainty where your next client is coming from?… And When they will come?

More specifically… Do you know exactly how many sales meetings will lead to a sale?

Do you know, exactly what activity you need to do to get your next sales meeting?

Is that activity reliable, so you know exactly how many sales meetings you and your team will have each week or each month?

And perhaps most importantly… Is the activity scalable?

So you can easily grow your business year after year?

OR… Is everything based on guesswork, random tactics, luck and hope?

So some month’s things work well, and you get lots of sales meetings and win lots of business, but on other months you’re left scratching your head wondering where your next deal is coming from.

Most Recruitment and Search Firm Owners NEVER find a scalable client attraction strategy and so eventually stop growing.

They hit a peak in their business and plateau for an eternity always falling short of the full potential…

Thats why one of the first things I do for the Recruitment and Search Business Owners I help is get them set up with strategies that reliably gives them more meetings with potential clients…

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