Chasing cold prospects?

I’ve been asked to do a live online presentation for the “Recruiting Firm Owner Summit” later this month, and I thought you might be interested in attending.

It’s called: “Discover How to Stop Cold Calling, Battling With Gatekeepers, Voicemails, and Get Prospects to Call You Instead” and you can listen in to all the other speakers and me for free by clicking the link below.

Full details here

After years of dialling for dollars, banging on doors, enduring constant rejection, and working on job orders, and never filling them, it’s time to do something different. If you are making just ONE cold call per day, you are wasting time and wasting money.

What You’ll Learn:

Why prospects will never ever buy from you – and what to do about it
How to get prospects coming to you and wanting to pay you a retainer
How to always get higher fees every time
Why your competitors will never offer their services to the MAJORITY of prospects and why you MUST do the same
The secret formula so you are treated as an expert by your prospects
Why you must stop cold calling so you can work less and earn more
And more…

I’m just one of NINE expert speakers presenting at the event. You can get the full details on the other speakers by clicking below.

Full details here.

Speak to you soon,
Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless…

Terry Edwards