I’m hosting a free online workshop this week to talk about “How to to win more Retained/Exclusive roles, for higher fees (Even in competitive niches)“…

It’s for Recruitment and Search Business Owners who are sick of working on contingency job orders competing with multiple agencies for roles they may never fill…. You can register below –

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  • Why most contingency Recruitment Business owners feel overworked and underpaid and how to make sure you’re not one of them (make more money with less work and fewer headaches)
  • Find out exactly what Hiring Managers are looking for in a Recruitment/Search service (This is the “secret” to higher fees and exclusivity)
  • How to position your firm as the “safe choice” in the eyes of Hiring Managers in your market so they’ll choose you over the competition (Get this right and you’ll dominate your niche in any economy)

Here’s the link to the details again –