Discover 10 Of The Most Profitable Methods Recruitment & Search Firm Owners Are Using To Generate Leads

Generating leads without coldcalling is actually very easy to do and I’ll show you exactly how, free.

Plus, I’ll show you 10 of the most profitable methods you can use for attracting new clients in 2016… (Hint: This does not include coldcalling or networking)

This Thursday (April 7th) I’m teaching a LIVE class where I’ll reveal how any serious Recruitment or Search Firm Owner can generate 100 leads in 30 days or less… Without even picking up the phone.

Everything I’ll share with you are strategies that are being used by some of my best clients right now!

Just ONE of the strategies I’ll share with you has recently been worth over $76,000 in NEW business revenue for one Search Firm owner…

I obviously can’t guarantee you the exact same results… But even just KNOWING what he did and how he did it is reason enough for you to attended….

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The webinar system I’m using is called GoTo Webinar, and it can
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That is less than 2% of the list of Recruitment and Search Firm owners who are getting this invitation.

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This is an actual CLASS, by the way. And it’s free.

Here’s what we’re covering.

1.Discover how local Recruitment and Search Firm owners are generating 100 leads per month and how you can do the same

I’m going to be pulling back the curtain on the proven system you can use in your Recruitment or Search Business to generate more leads than you can handle. So that you and your team ALWAYS have potential clients waiting to buy from you
2.We reveal 10 of the most profitable methods Recruitment and Search Firm Owners are using to generate leads

Most Recruitment and Search Firm owners only have 2 or 3 methods for generating leads (usually coldcalling, networking and word of mouth). Put very simply, the more methods you have for attract leads, the more leads you have. I’ll be revealing 10 NEW ways to attract business.

3.See how to easily create a ‘lead magnet’ that compels your target audience to raise their hand and express and interest in your services

Finding people who are ready to buy right now is half the battle. I’ll be showing you exactly how to identify them…

Plus, get a chance to ask questions during our live Q&A session.

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This is 100% LIVE …without a net …and seating is very, very limited.

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