“Do not try to bend the spoon — that’s impossible”

Yesterday’s email got me thinking more about ‘The Matrix” Hell of a movie in its day.

It’s nearly 13 years since it was first released but it’s STILL one of my favourites!

Anyway… There is a scene when Morpheus takes Neo to visit “The Oracle”. The Oracle is this wise old woman who can read people, tell the future and is right about EVERYTHING (Kind of like a female version of me, minus the old of course.)

And whist Neo is waiting in the other room see her; he sees this child dressed as a Monk using his mind to manipulate and bend a spoon.

The child hands the spoon to Neo so he can try.

But, before Neo begins he says:

“Do not try to bend the spoon — that’s impossible. Instead, only try to realise the truth: there is no spoon.”

See, they are living in a computer-generated world. Nothing is technically “real” in the Matrix.

Everything they see, feel, hear, taste, smell is ALL computer generated.

And by realising the spoon isn’t real, isn’t governed by the “rules” (i.e. laws of physics, etc) of the real world, it can be manipulated and bent the same way a computer program can be manipulated and bent to make it do what you want.

And this applies to your Recruitment or Search too.

In fact, understanding this changes everything.

For example:

Most Recruitment and Search Firm are being governed by “industry standards.”

That’s why they price their services in a certain way,

That’s why they market and sell their services in a certain way,

And that’s why they end up with nothing but “average” results.

Their business ends up pretty much like every other Recruitment or Search Business in the market.


And it’s likely your business is being governed by the industry standards right now and so you too are getting average results.

Let me tell you something about the “standards” in this industry.

Most Recruitment and Search Firm owners struggle to attract clients and will ALWAYS struggle to attract clients.

Most Recruitment and Search Firm owners are being forced to lower their fees just to win business.

Most Recruitment and Search Firm owners are working with and will ALWAYS work with clients they don’t like, clients who don’t return their calls, clients who treat them like crap and clients who don’t pay on time.

That’s the average.

And if that’s the kind of business you want, keep sticking to the industry norms. Stay inside “The Matrix”.

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Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless…

Terry Edwards

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