Going Head-to-head With The Bigger Firms…And Winning!

It’s Monday!

The start of a brand new week!

And to kick things off the right way, a brand new episode of the ‘Renegade Recruiter Unleashed’ podcast is now LIVE!

In this week’s episode, I interview Andy Naylor, Managing Director of Connect FR, a specialist Search Firm Based in the UK.

Andy talks about some of the challenges he’s faced in business and how he’s managed to overcome them. He sharers what’s worked when it comes to attracting new clients, what hasn’t and how he’s taken on some of the bigger firms and won!

Here’s just fraction of what you’re getting:

What Andy has learnt from 17 years working in Corporate Recruitment companies
The pivotal point that led to Andy starting his own Search Firm
Any explains the importance of combining planning and ‘gut feel’ to make your business decisions
Why Andy chose to become a ‘specialist’ business rather than a ‘generalist’ and the impact it’s had on his revenue
The importance of focusing on profitability rather than revenue
The advice Andy wishes he had six years ago (every Recruitment or Search Firm Owners should hear this)
Why Andy sought after outside help and advice and how it’s helped increase his business revenue
Some of the biggest mistakes Andy’s made in his Search business and how to avoid them
How Andy went up against the bigger firms…And won!
And much more

To listen to this episode on iTunes click here, or to listen on the Renegade Recruiter homepage click here.

Speak to you soon,

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Take care, take action and be relentless…

Terry Edwards