Hard work is for bums


Don’t get me wrong; hard work does have its place…

And you will have to work hard to some extent to be successful in your Recruitment or Search business,

Especially in the early days.

But once you’re established, working harder won’t make your profits bigger.

It sounds counter-intuitive but trust me,

I’ve seen it enough times and experienced it enough first hand to know this is true.

I mean you already work hard, right?

And sure, you can always do more…

But there are only so many hours in the day, so simply doing more won’t get you the type of growth you’re looking for…

It’s kinda like Chinese fingers traps, the harder you pull, the more stuck you get.

And this year looks like last year,

Last year looked like the year before,

You’ve stopped growing, and your business revenue and profits have stalled.

Even though you’re working hard! Perhaps even harder than you’ve ever worked before…

So what’s the answer?

It all comes down to building systems that do the hard work and heavy lifting for you.

Systems that generate leads and bring in new clients on demand so you can concentrate on the “doing” rather than desperately chasing business.

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