How do you feel about working naked?

I was reading a popular Recruitment industry magazine the other day and saw an advert for a company looking for cleaners undertake cleaning work for clients.

I thought the advert was oddly placed in this particular magazine, but apart from that, it didn’t seem too out of the ordinarily.

But then I looked closer at the job description, and there was one catch… All applicants had to be prepared to clean in the nude!

At first, I thought it was a joke. But I looked up the company that had placed the ad, and sure enough, it was a cleaning company that primarily served nudists who would prefer to have a nudist cleaner too.

You may think there could be nothing worse than having some old fella polishing your door knob with his wrinkly cock and balls on display.

Or his buttocks gently parting as he bends over to take your dirty clothes out the laundry basket.

I’d be inclined to agree… and so would most people.

But this company aren’t trying to attract me, you or even “most people”. They’re trying to attract the men and women who would want nothing more than to have a nudist cleaner.

AND who are willing to pay a premium for it.

Here’s the thing…

Domestic cleaning is arguably one of the most commoditised industries you could operate in.

The company that cleans my house charges me £12 per hour,

My son who lives in London pays his cleaner £14 per hour,

And I’ve seen the same services offered for as little as £9 per hour…

But this company charges £65 per hour!

About 6 times the going rate.

I’ve never used them personally.

But they’re probably not six times better at cleaning than a cleaning company that charges just £9 per hour.

The only difference in their business is they are VERY clear on exactly who their ideal client is, they go after them deliberately and unapologetically repel everyone one else.

They automatically become the preferred choice in the eyes of their ideal client because their business is specifically aimed to please them.

And when something becomes the preferred choice, people are willing to pay way above the going rate and jump through hoops just for the privilege to buy.

And there’s a very valuable lesson you can take from this, and it applies directly to your Recruitment or Search Business.

Dominating your market isn’t about working with everyone and being all things to all people.

It’s about deciding who your ideal clients are and deliberately positioning your business to suit their needs.

Get this right, and it means the top businesses in your sector will all come to you for Recruitment/Search services,

It means they’ll be willing to pay a premium to work with your firm because in their eyes you’re the best,

And it means you can handpick the clients you want to work with while repelling all the ones you don’t.

All of this combined means you’ll have a more profitable business, more freedom and you’ll enjoy things a whole lot more.

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Speak to you soon,

Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless…

Terry Edwards

P.S. You can watch the video I recorded about y clicking below.