How to limit your success

Very few people set out to deliberately limit their success, but it’s something we all do every day subconsciously.

We’ll smoke cigarettes even though we know drag by drag they’re potentially shortening our life.

We’ll eat greasy junk food even though we know that bite by bite our arteries are getting clogged with crap that may cause us health problems in the future.

We spend money on stuff we don’t need and can go without, even though we should be saving for the future.

We’ll avoid going to the gym or working out even though we know doing so would help us look and feel better.

And we do all these things even though we KNOW for certain they are limiting our success in certain areas of our lives.

And perhaps even more frightening are the things we do to limit success without even knowing it.

Take your Recruitment or Search Business for example.

If you’re like most Recruitment or Search Firm Owners I know, you probably set some form of ‘yearly marketing budget’ for the year.

A set amount you intend to spend on acquiring new clients.

And why wouldn’t you?

It’s recommended in numerous marketing books and literature, I’ve seen some self-proclaimed marketing experts advise it, you’re even taught to do it during most business courses at University…

But let’s think about this for a second.

Effective marketing brings new clients into your business at a profit.

Bringing in new clients at a profit means more revenue and more cash for your back pocket…

Setting a yearly marketing budget is like cutting the throat of your business growth…

It limits the number of clients you’re able to bring in, limits your business revenue, reduces your profit and limits your success.

And it’s all self-inflicted!

The idea of a ‘marketing budget’ was designed for big corporate companies who can afford to spend half a million on a single campaign without turning a profit.

Most the marketing they do is NOT effective and costs them money rather than making any, so it makes sense to set a budget.

Of course, you need a starting point… But a better idea for most Recruitment and Search Firm Owners would be to find a marketing strategy that actually works and brings clients into your business at a profit.

So every time you INVEST 100 of whatever your local currency is in marketing your business, you get 1000 back in the form of new clients!

Why would you want to limit an investment that gets you that kind of return?

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Speak to you soon,

Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless…

Terry Edwards

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