How to profit from podcasts

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Here’s just some of what you’ll find in this month’s issue….

What are podcasts and why are they so important to your Recruitment or Search business
How Recruitment and Search Firm Owners can use podcasts to drive extra profit into their business (without any additional marketing costs)
How to use podcasts to build better bonds with your current and potential clients (people buy from who the know, like and trust. You can use podcasts to build this relationship in the background while you focus on other areas of your business)
How to use podcasts to position yourself as one of the industries leading experts (experts can charge higher fees and have to work less to win business)
I’ll be telling you exactly what you need to do to start your own podcast (even if you have zero technical skills)
Find out why you might not be ready to start a podcast and what you need to have in place before you do
How to market and promote your podcast, so your ideal clients actually listen, enjoy and recommend what you put out to other people in your market.
Find out how one Search Firm Owners used a podcast to provide his with clients value and position himself as the leading expert in his chosen sector
I reveal how one Search Firm Owner ended up being interviewed for a podcast hosted by one of his industries leading influencers (this meant he could promote his services to a giant audience for free)
How to convince some of your industries most influential figures to appear as guests on your show and how this can help you shoot to the top of the food chain in your sector
The easy way to use podcasts to win more clients and increase your fees
Find out who my “client of the month” is and what they did to boost the number of leads they’re currently generating in their Recruitment/Search Business (this is something you can copy)
And more…

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