How to spot a victim

This world is full of victims…

And they ALL have four main traits in common

1. Bad things ALWAYS happen to them (not because of them)

2. Bad things happen often

3. They’re always involved, and

4. Someone or something else is always to blame

You’ll find them in all walks of life, complaining about their lack of opportunities.

Bitching about how they’ve been hard done by.

Moaning about the situation they continuously find themselves in.

And I have a confession to make…

I’ve been a victim too!

I’ve lost count at the amount of times I’ve found myself passing the blame for my own results in the past.

The thing is, I very quickly learnt that nothing good ever happens to victims!

How can good things happen when you’re results, situation, mood and entire life are being managed by things outside your control!

You just end up beat up, spat out facing only the challenges that life throws at you…. Rather than stepping up and challenging yourself!

The Recruitment/Search Industry is full of victims….

Recruitment and Search Business owners whose businesses aren’t growing as quickly as they would like because of the economy, their competitors, their ex-business partner or any other excuse they can think of…. Their results are always because of someone or something else.

They never take responsibility for the situation they’re in… And so good things NEVER happen to them.

The ‘Recruitment Marketing Academy’ is NOT for people who insist on playing the victim.

It’s only for the Recruitment and Search Firm Owners who want better results in their business and are willing to step up and take control. Who are willing to challenge themselves to reach their full potential…

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Speak to you soon,

Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless….

Terry Edwards