How To Win Clients On Social Media

You probably know how much potential business is sitting there waiting for you on the big social media platforms…

But if you’re anything like the majority of Recruitment and Search Business Owners I speak to; you simply don’t know how to tap into it…

Well, here are three essential principles to follow…

1. Plant – You need a method of growing your audience on the social media channels you use. Increase friends, connections and follows. The more relevant people you have in your “world”, the more opportunities you’ll create.

2. Nurture – Once someone enters your social media “world”, you need a strategy for building strong relationships with that prospect. This is where your content and conversations come in. Powerful content builds trust in the market and trust is a critical factor in the buying decision of a prospect

3. Harvest – You need a method of taking the prospect off social media and onto a platform that you control. There’s no point having a massive following and lots of engagement if you’re not consistently turning into appointments and sales.

Recruitment and Search Business Owners that master these three principles win more clients, make more placements and earn more money…

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