Hunt then build

The longer I work with Recruitment and Search Firm Owners, the more I am convinced that they are split into 2 types: CHASERS AND BUILDERS.

The CHASERS are like the hunters of old.

They see an opportunity, and they chase it. Some days they come back with a fresh wildebeest to eat for a few days, and other times they come home empty handed for days on end.

Hunters are always chasing something new.

They get pulled and attracted by every new shiny thing, they desperately chase every sniff of business hoping to make a sale with anyone who’s willing to pay.

The thrill of the hunt is exciting, but you must hunt every day of your life, to stop the food from running out.

Eventually, every hunter gets tired of hunting and wishes for easier days.

The BUILDER is different.

All the great civilisations were BUILT. Roads. Infrastructure. Aqueducts.

All the great Recruitment and Search empires too, are built with systems and sustainability in mind.

The builder isn’t after a single meal. He’s building today to provide forever.

Short term, the hunter might shout ahead. But if you want leads and prospects to come to you CONSISTENTLY, you’ve gotta perfect one hunting strategy at a time, and BUILD a system from it.



Your goal is (or should be) to install a marketing system that hunts for you so you can generate new leads, business enquiries and clients on demand. Without long hard hours spent on the phone cold calling, knocking on doors and a system that works even if you have a small network.

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