I asked them to leave

I ran a free online training last night for Recruitment and Search Firm Owners. It lasted about 90 minutes in total.

And for the most part, it went well, and people loved it.

But about 20 minutes in, one guy starting piping up saying it was too long.

Saying something like “You should break this training down into smaller 20-minute chunks” (even though no one was forcing him to stay longer than he wanted to)

Then about 40 minutes in, I had another guy complaining that I hadn’t given him enough information (even though he hadn’t paid for training)

And for a lot of people “feedback” and “opinions” like this from potential clients could cause them to break out in cold sweats and change the way they do things going forward. And in the past, that’s exactly what I would have done.

But know… My business, my rules.

So I just asked them to leave… (probably more politely than I should have).

I created my business to serve ME and no one else.

And you should be the same.

Makes sense, right?

The problem is, although it makes sense intellectually, most Recruitment and Search Firm Owners will never get this.

And so they end up working with low-class clients who don’t respect what they do, constantly want to hammer them on fees, don’t return calls, delay on making decisions or who don’t pay on time.

Or perhaps worse, they end up attracting freebie seekers who do nothing but suck information from you but don’t actually buy and give you money.

And even if they get a lucky escape and do manage to avoid these people… and actually end up attracting good clients who do respect the value of what you do and do pay on time.

They’re so desperate to keep hold of that client they’ll literally drop everything for them.

A number of times I’ve heard a Recruitment and Search Firm Owners say they’ve had to clear their schedule because an “urgent matter” came up for one of their clients is frightening!

Don’t get me wrong, if it really is urgent then, by all means, help your clients, but not at the expense of your own long-term business objectives.

I’ve seen Recruitment and Search Firm Owners put their clients above any and everything else.

Neglecting the growth of their business,

Leaving important meetings to take calls,

Staying in the office longer than they planned and neglecting family.

I used to be the same… And I even used to see it as dedication.

Which it is… But it’s dedication to the wrong thing.

Think about the reason you set up in business in the first place.

For most people it wasn’t to serve clients, it was to serve themselves, serve their families lifestyle and create freedom!

But sometimes we can lose sight of that and instead your business becomes the thing that takes away your freedom and keeps you from your family the most.

Remember, you set up your business to serve you and your family primarily … No one else.

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But only a very rare few can run a successful business that gives them financial and temporal freedom and ultimately gives them the Personal Sovereignty they seek — that state of being able to choose to do what you want, at the price you want, with whom you want, and if, and only if you want to do it at all. It’s about living life on your terms.

And the key to that is a successful business.

And unfortunately for those that are unwilling to change, it also follows you’re not going to achieve that doing normal and average things. Normal and average behaviour gets you normal and average results. Look around and what you see is normal and average. The Recruitment or Search business you have now is likely normal and average too. And it won’t change and become extraordinary unless you modify the way you think and act.

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Speak to you soon,

Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless…

Terry Edwards