I keep this ‘secret’ in my back pocket


When I first started my business, I subscribed to Ben Settles course on email marketing,

And as bonus, with it, you got what he calls his “Street-Smart Email Crib Sheet” (basically a PDF document about email marketing)

It was packed full of example subject lines,

Example email topics,

And example emails that you could use for inspiration,

I still refer back to it when I’m stuck ideas.

And hidden deep in this 168 page A4 document was an example email that contained a lesson that has stuck with me ever since.

It’s a lesson Ben by his own admission actually got from Dan Kennedy,

and although I’m also a big follower of Dan’s work,

I didn’t hear it from him, I heard it from Ben, so it’s kinda a second-hand lesson.

It’s a lesson that has stuck with me forever,

It’s guided me through some pretty scary times,

And when business is slow, things aren’t going to plan, I lose out on something big, or something significant goes wrong in my business it helps me sleep at night,

Knowing I’ve got this lesson safely tucked away in my back pocket ready to be called upon when needed.

Anyway, what was the lesson?

The life-or-death importance of having the ability to **produce**.

It ‘s Bens (passed on from DK) contention that if you cultivate your ability to produce,

you will never have to worry about moolah.

Never have lasting financial anxieties.

And that you will, in fact, be part of a VERY small group who makes things happen — even if you have to drag the rest of the economy along with you to success.

And it’s when I read this I decided to REALLY get serious about my ability to produce leads on demand and sell to those leads.

I started studying all things “lead generation” and still do today.

Because think about this, the survival of your Recruitment or Search business ultimately depends on your ability to attract clients.

And attracting clients all comes down to producing quality leads whenever you want or need them.

Master this, and no matter how “hairy” things get, you got nothing to worry about.

You’ll be safe in the hard times, and your Recruitment or Search business will grow year after year.

Your ability to produce is the most valuable skill you can have.

The ultimate asset and investment.

Treat it like a proverbial “money tree” — water it, care for it,

and let it GROW — and you’ll inoculate yourself (like a vaccine)

against all the sh*t about to hit the fan.