If you don’t face it head on it can cripple growth

One of the things that stops Recruitment and Search Business Owners growing the business they want is doubt in their ability to produce…

They’ll never admit it (most of the time), but when you watch their behaviour you can hear it loud and clear…

Its something that stops most people at some point or another, and if you don’t face it head on it can cripple growth…

It shows up in many ways… But here are a few of the most common:

  1. They don’t want to increase their fees because they have doubt about the value the will deliver in return
  2. They don’t want to walk away from bad business because they doubt their ability to replace a nightmare client with a better one
  3. They don’t want to work on a retained basis because they doubt their ability to fill the role
  4. They don’t want to invest in themselves because they doubt their ability to follow through.
  5. They don’t want to market and promote their business because they have doubts around the value they can give to Hiring Managers in their market.
  6. They don’t make decisions quickly because they doubt their ability to make the right call
  7. They don’t want to record that video, send that email, make that call or whatever it is they need to do to drive their business forward all because they have doubts

Whatever it is…They don’t back themselves…

And when you don’t back yourself it cripples your attempts at moving forward…

How can you really expect your prospects to believe in your ability to produce when your behaviour says you don’t even believe it yourself?

Just something for you to think about!

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