“If you’re wondering why my competitors are cheaper… “

I heard a great quote a while back that went something like this…

“If you’re wondering why my competitors are cheaper than I am then you should know it’s because we both understand the value of our services.”

… Magic

There’s a big fat lesson there about how you’re positioned as a Recruitment or Search Firm in the market.

It reminds me of my local locksmith!

It’s a story I’ve told many times before, and one I plan to use over and over again because it perfectly illustrates a very important point.

… A few years ago, I was travelling back from a weekend away with my eldest Son, Drew. It must be at least 20 years ago now, and he would have been about 7 or 8 years old.

It’s cold, its wet, it’s dark, and after a 2-hour drive home I realise I’ve forgotten my house keys!.

No one else is home, so it’s either a 4 hour round trip in my car… Or I could call a locksmith to pick the lock and let me in.

I knew it would be a quick job… It would take a maximum of 15 minutes for anyone with the right tools to open the door. So we opted for calling the locksmith…

He was at my house within 10 minutes… Took one look at the lock, took out his tools and then quoted me the price….

“That will be £160 please mate.” He said…

“£160! I’m not paying £160 it’s only going to take you 15 minutes!”

(£160 is the equivalent to about $200 if you’re in the states and far more than I was willing to pay for a 10-minute job… I could have probably done it myself if I had the tools!)

“Please yourself then!” he said and began packing his tools back into his toolbox….”

I don’t know about you…. But after a long drive, I’m tired, I’m hungry, and the last thing I want to be doing is ringing around trying to find a lower price…. I want to get into my warm house, and I want to get in as soon as possible! So…. I agreed to pay his fees and within another 10 minutes the door was open…

You see, not only was he charging premium prices… But he was also prepared to walk away if I hadn’t been willing to pay it!

And you should be applying the same rules in your Recruitment or Search Firm too.

Take this story as proof that if the problem is big enough, your potential clients will be willing to pay a premium to fix it.

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Speak to you soon,

Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless….

Terry Edwards