It’s all sunshine and rainbows until a crab bites your vagina

There you are sunning it up on the beach with a cocktail in one hand,

And your favourite book in the other,

The weather is perfect and the only sound you can hear is the waves breaking on the shore,

You’re in paradise,

Until suddenly…. A crab bites your vagina!

Believe it or not, this actually happened to a nude sunbather in Singapore a few weeks ago.

Apparently, a crab mistook her vagina for an oyster and very swiftly nipped what could have been a perfect day in the bud.

And it’s a perfect metaphor for how life as a Recruitment or Search Business Owner can be.

Things can be going swimmingly well,

No headaches,

No challenges,

All sunshine and rainbows

And all of a sudden a crab mistakes your vagina for an oyster.

I call these growing pains, it’s part of life as a business owner and something that most of us will go through.

And the ones who don’t go through it, don’t grow.

It’s as simple as that.

There’s no avoiding this,

The only solution is to equipt yourself with the best possible knowledge, so you know exactly how to combat a problem as soon as it surfaces.

Whether that be underperforming team members,

Lack of quality candidates,

Not enough clients,

Not enough profits,

A crab bite to the vagina,

Whatever it is…

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Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless….

Terry Edwards

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