My ex wants me back

I had a text from a client of mine this morning,

Well, he ‘s an ex-client I worked with a few years back in truth,

But his text said he loves me, misses me and wants me back.

And I’ve missed him too, so we ‘ve arranged to speak next week.

Anyway… His message prompted me to dig into the archives and find this testimonial he sent when we first started working together.


Since working with Terry, I have experienced an amazing transformation in business development.

As a business, we are able to generate more sales enquiries than ever in the history of the business and all of them without ever making a cold call. In fact we generated 82 leads in 4 days and signed one retained assignment, which when you consider we don’t really sell retained recruitment that was quite an achievement.

The marketing has been so successful that potential clients are calling us, we have had to put the marketing on stop as we are unable to cope with so many leads in a short period.

If you are tired of cold calling and would like to discover how to have your clients calling you I would recommend Terry

Steve Hauge, Foundation Resourcing (Harrogate, United Kingdom)


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Terry Edwards AKA the Renegade Recruiter