Not for “ordinary” Recruitment and Search Firm owners.

I’ll keep this one short…

Because times running out. When the countdown timer hits zero, the price to attend ‘Market Domination X‘ will be going up for good and you’ll miss out on your £200 saving.

But wait… before you even think about booking your ticket, you need to know Market Domination X is certainly not for “ordinary” Recruitment or Search Firm owners.

It’s only for Recruitment and Search Firm Owners who are:

  • DETERMINED TO SUCCEED AND DOMINATE THEIR NICHE MARKET.The advanced marketing and positioning strategies you’ll get access to during Market Domination X are designed to help Recruitment and Search Firm owners become the leading players in their sector. This event is strictly for people that want to dominate their market. If you’re satisfied being just another mediocre firm that gets overlooked time and time again by the “big boys”, this isn’t for you.
  • WILLING TO TEST STRATEGIES THAT LEAVE THEM FEELING VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. If you’re the type of person to trot along to event, after summit, after seminar, somehow thinking success is going to come your way just because you attended, then STAY HOME! You’re wasting your time and money. More to the point, you’ll be taking up a space someone else would benefit from (there’s a maximum of 30 seats available). Much of what you’ll hear at Market Domination X will leave you feeling very uncomfortable and probably shit scared to try. But if you’re stupid enough to think you can achieve anything even closely resembling success without stepping outside your comfort zone, then this isn’t for you
  • WILLING TO STEP ON A FEW TOES AND RUFFLE A FEW FEATHERS.My philosophy revolves strongly around doing business and living life on your own terms. This involves charging the fees you want and deserve; working with only the best clients and candidates; repelling the bad ones and even firing clients who have become nothing more than a drain on your energy, time and resources. This is hugely profitable, but also extremely uncomfortable for most. If that puts you off at all, this might not be for you. You cannot dominate your market, build a rock solid brand and increase your revenue and profits without pissing somebody off. You’re going to have to be willing to be disliked, criticised, and even hated, loathed, and reviled both by competitors as well as prospects, candidates and clients who won’t follow your rules. If you’re more interested in being “nice” to everyone for fear of being disliked, or terrified of losing the odd sale, then you really won’t like what I’m sharing with you at Market Domination X.

Still with me?


Because if you meet the criteria above, attending this event will be the wisest business investment you will make this year. And that’s a claim I’m willing to back up with my own time and money.

Spend two whole days with me at “Market Domination X” and if for any reason you don’t think the proven profit growth strategies you’ll get access to will be worth a minimum of £100K in additional revenue for your Recruitment or Search Business over the next 12 months. Simply let me know, and I’ll refund your fees in full.

Claim your spot here.

Speak to you soon,

Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless…

Terry Edwards