One day you’ll…

Something that I’ve really come to dislike, is the term: “One day.”

Especially when it’s used by Recruitment or Search Firm Owners who want better results in their business.

“One day I’ll get fit.”

“One day I’ll stop smoking.”

One day I’ll do this or one day I’ll do that…

You’ve probably heard it used hundreds of times before, and if you’re like me, you may even have used it yourself.

Although on the surface it can sound quite ambitious.

“One day I’ll create a multimillion-pound/dollar business.”

“One day my profits will be XXX.”

“One day I’ll increase my sales by XXX.”

In reality… Saying “one day” is just an excuse to delay.

It gives you a reason for not doing something about the situation you’re in right now!

“One Day” has no deadline and without a deadline, there is never any immediate need to take action.

You can see evidence of this wherever you look.

How many times have you heard a relative or friend say that they’ll get round to doing something “one day”, only to continuously put it off, delay and never get round to talking a single step towards the thing they said they wanted to achieve?

There’s no room for “one day” if you want success in your business. If you want results right now, you have to take the first step today!

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Speak to you soon,
Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless…

Terry Edwards