One of my favourite subjects

Today I want to talk about ‘positioning’ in your Recruitment or Search Business…

Positioning is basically how you view yourself in the market, how your competitors view you in the market and how your clients and potential clients view you in the market.

It’s one of my favourite subjects and something I can spend days talking about… But in the main, how you’re viewed by your clients and potential clients falls into two categories…

1. The hired help

2. The paid expert

It’s the difference in hiring an interior designer, or your typical painter and decorator… Both essentially do the same job… Decorate your room.

But the typical painter and decorator just do what you tell them to do… Let’s say you want your bedroom to be bright and spacious, but you tell the painter and decorator you want your walls painted black, they’ll paint them black… No questions asked.

They’re the hired help…

The Interior Designer, on the other hand, will lead you through the process of getting the results you want… You tell them you want your walls painted black… They’ll tell you, actually IF you want a bright and spacious room, perhaps black painted walls aren’t the way to go… Let’s paint them cream instead.

And you’ll listen, because they’re the paid expert!

The hired help gets told what to do and when to do it….

The paid expert is the leader and works with clients on his or her terms only.

A lot of Recruitment and Search Firm owners make the mistake of believing that their clients want the ‘hired help’ rather than the expert…

Well, they don’t! (even if they think they do)

“Most people are walking around, umbilical cord in hand, looking for a new place to plug it in…”

-Cavett Robert

If I have a problem that needs fixing… I’ve tried everything I know to fix it myself but nothing seems to work. I want a paid expert to TELL me what to do.

I want to hire someone with more experience and more knowledge than me in that particular area.

You don’t hire a lawyer to be the ‘hired help’. If I ever need to hire a lawyer for any reason, I don’t want ‘hired help’… I want an expert… Someone who is going to take my hand and lead me through the process step by step to get the results I want…

The same applies to my accounts… When it comes to that side of the business I’m lost at sea… and again I pay my accountant to guide me through and get the results I want…

Being seen as the ‘hired help’ rather than the paid expert can be very damaging to your business profits…

You don’t pay premium fees for hired help, do you?

So if you want to be charging higher fees than what you’re getting now. And you want to be paid more for the services you offer. Being seen as the paid expert is vital and there are few things you MUST know.

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Until then.

Take care, take action and be relentless…

Terry Edwards