Ownership vs Blame


I’m very selective about who I take on as a client and have a strict screening process in place to repel the wannabees, talkers and bullshitters.

Admittedly, now and then one of them slips through the net, and I’ll have to show them the door after we’ve started working together.

But for the most part, it keeps out a lot of the Recruitment and Search Firm Owners I don’t want to work with.

And it occurred to me; there’s no point in you reading my messages if you’re one of these wannabees, talkers or bullshitters too.

So here’s a question for you to see if you qualify…

I’m assuming you’ve got some goals and targets you want to reach in your Recruitment or Search Business…

a yearly turnover,

a profit margin,

even a lifestyle you want to provide for your family…

Whatever it is, you will have a target you want to reach.

So the question is….

Why haven’t you achieved it yet?

Wannabees, talkers and bullshitters will ALWAYS say things like.

“Because my consultants let me down…”

“Because my market is small…”

“Because my clients won’t do BLA, BLA, BLA…”

“Because everyone in my sector does XYZ…”

“Because ABC doesn’t work in my market”

Blaming everyone and everything, but never taking ownership of the situation they find themselves in…

Experience has taught me that people who have an answer like this will NEVER achieve what they want to achieve (unless they change).

Everything is always someone else’s fault or someone else’s responsibility.

And if the above sounds anything like you, and you’re not prepared to change… I can’t help you and there no point you reading my messages…

But if your answer was something along the lines of…

“I don’t know how to attract the right consultants and so keep hiring the wrong people.”

“I haven’t yet figured out how to attract enough of the right clients.”

“I don’t know how to raise my prices without losing business.”

“I’m on the right path; I just need to figure out how to XYZ.”

You might just fit in…

There’s a subtle difference in the two types of answers.

And even though both groups are facing the exact same business challenges… wannabees, talkers and bullshitters think it’s everyone else’s job to fix them…

Serious Recruitment and Search Firm Owners know it’s down to them.

So what about you?

Are you going to take ownership of whatever’s holding you back in your business?

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