[Podcast] #1: The Psychology of a Top Performing Sales Person

I’ve decide to do a countdown of my top 5 favourite podcast episodes for the next few days….

And coming in at number 5 is an episode I did with Gavin Ingham. It’s called “The Psychology of Top Performing Sales People” it’s actually the first ever episode I released on the show…

Just in case you don’t know Gavin, he’s one of the worlds top performing sales trainers and in this interview he reveals how Recruiters can turn self-doubt, fear and lack of motivation into self-belief confidence and action.

Here’s what you’ll be getting…

  • How to eradicate any self-doubt you or your team of consultants have about selling
  • How to eliminate fear and approach every sales meeting with the confidence you’ll win the business
  • Are good sales people born or made? Gavin gives his opinion
  • What it really means when a potential client asks you to “send more information and call back another time”
  • How to explode your sales performance
  • How to dissolve the fear of rejection
  • What your competitors are doing to increase their sales that you’re not
  • The importance of having the right attitude to make the sales
  • The one thing that makes you a “motivated idiot” when it comes to selling your Recruitment or Search services
  • The importance of answering objections

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Terry Edwards AKA the Renegade Recruiter

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