[Podcast] #32: The Difference Between The Hired Help And The Paid Expert

In this weeks episode of the ‘Renegade Recruiter Unleashed’ we talk about the difference between being the hired help and the paid expert…

Being positioned one way means you end up being mistreated by clients, overworked and underpaid… And being positioned the other way means you get to charge premium prices, work with the best clients and work with people who truly appreciate the value of what you do…


Positioning is basically how you view yourself in the market and how your competitors view you and how your clients and candidates view you in the market.

There is really 2 ways that you can viewed or positioned. You can be positioned as what we call #1 The hired help or #2 The paid expert.

Its like the difference between hiring a interior designer or a painter and decorator, if you think about it both essentially do very much the same thing.

The hired help gets told what to do and when to do it. The paid expert is a leader and they work with clients on their terms.

The mistake that i think a lot of people make is that they believe there clients want the hired help rather than the expert and intact ill even go as far to say that clients sometimes even think they want this aswell. The truth is they don’t.

Most people are walking around with an umbilical cord in hand looking for a new place to plug it in.

The problem is perception. Are you perceived as and expert by your potential clients?

It is possible to know everything there is to know about a certain subject.

If what you’ve done so far hasn’t worked, working with the hired help why do you think its going to work again.

There’s less resistance then from your client when you’re perceived as the expert.

One way of having authority status is by being and educator, and advocate for your clients.

Having a well defied niche.

Make an effort to write articles to attend to your area of expertise.

When you become a speaker, in seminars or panels its a great way to position yourself as an authority.

Getting interviews on local radio shows are extremely effective.

Your clients are more likely to trust you because you’re an author of a book because your a public speaker, because they’ve herd your podcast.

All these things combined help you get perceived as an expert.

The key to your success as a recruitment or search firm owner is two fold really, marketing and mindset.


Speak to you soon,

Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless…

Terry Edwards