[Podcast] #49: The big O Standing In The Way of You and Your Next Client

Coming in at number 4 of my top five ‘Renegade Recruiter Unleashed’ podcast episodes is #49: The big O Standing In The Way of You and Your Next Client

Grant Cardone once said:

“Entrepreneurs must know that businesses fail because they don’t get attention. If you want to succeed and grow your business, your sales revenue and your brand, you must get attention.” –

When I first heard that it stuck with me….

It’s something I think ALL Recruitment and Search Firm Owners need to understand…

With very few exceptions, no matter what sector you work in. There are businesses out there right now who have an urgent need for your services.

Even when the market is quiet, there is always someone with a need.

The problem is, they will NEVER buy from you or your firm!

And it’s not because you’re too expensive, it’s not because they think your competitors have a better service, It’s not even because they don’t like you or the way you do things….

It’s because they don’t even know you exist! Pure and simple. You’re obscure! And Businesses DIE in obscurity!

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Terry Edwards AKA the Renegade Recruiter

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