[Podcast] And the winner is

Claiming the number one spot of my top 5 ever episodes of the ‘Renegade Recruiter Unleashed‘ podcast is…

#4: How To Spot A Recruitment Whore

This episode is partly my favourite because I got so much hate for it…

It triggered a lot of people and I had a lot of hate mail off the back of it…

This is always a good thing, because it means it touched a nerve….

And it touched a nerve because for a lot of Recruitment and Search Firm Owners, the message in this episode was their reality…

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Here’s what you’re getting…

  • Traits of a Recruitment whore and how you know if you are one
  • The importance of being “picky” about who you jump into bed with
  • Why if you’re saying “Yes” to every potential client you’re doing something wrong
  • How having no standards can be off-putting for your ideal clients
  • The “Your Business. Your Rules” mantra
  • How to come up with a set of rules your client MUST meet before they work with you
  • Why it’s good to turn business away
  • Why you CAN afford to walk away from business
  • How being a recruitment whore is bad for business

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Terry Edwards AKA the Renegade Recruiter

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