[Podcast] #31: How Frank Underwood Would Run Your Recruitment or Search Firm

In this weeks episode of the ‘Renegade Recruiter Unleashed’ we talk about the Netflix original series ‘House of Cards’…

(You should know I’m a big fan by now)

After attracting a huge following and even winning a Golden Globe we take a look at the main character, Frank Underwood and reveal 10 things he can teach you about running your Recruitment or Search Business…



#1 “If you don’t like how the table is set turn over the table.”

There are plenty of rules we have to live by but one isn’t to sit by and just let things happen to you. If you don’t like they way things are right now change it right now!

Theres no room for complaining. there’s no point, there’s no use, there’s no benefit to it.

#2 “For those of us climbing to the top of the food chain the can be no mercy. There is but one rule, hunt or be hunted.”

If you don’t want to be thrown under the bus for things you have to be one step ahead.

Don’t compete with your competitors, dominate them.

You need to be constantly going out there and hunting for new clients, hunting for new business.

The average consultant will get maybe one, two leads a week in.

#3 “The nature of promises Linda is that they remain immune to change in circumstances.”

Unless its unthinkable its imperative you stay true to your word.

The most important relationship that you have right now is the relationship that you have with yourself.

#4 “There is no better way to overpower a trickle of doubt than with a flood of naked truth.”

The truth will always overpower doubt. So know your facts.

If a client gives you a glowing testimonial about how great you are there less likely to leave you and go work with your competitors.

#5 “Appeal to the heart not to the brain.”

All buying decisions are made based on emotion and justified with logic.

As human beings were motivated by one of two things, to avoid pain and gain pleasure.

Tap into your clients emotions to get them to make a decision.

#6 “From this moment on you are a rock. You absorb nothing, You say nothing and nothing breaks you.”

Sometimes its better to be a fly on the wall.

There are over a hundred different ways the you as a recruitment or search firm owner can generate leads. Most recruiters only know three or four.

If you haven’t pissed somebody off by 11o’clock in the morning then your not doing sufficient marketing.

The only thing that you can really measure in your business is results.

#7 “To improve is to change, To perfect is to change often.”

Being static isn’t the way to achieve anything.

#8 “There are two types of vice presidents. Doormats and Matadors. Which do you think i intend to be.”

#9 “I wouldn’t be sitting here if i wanted a shoulder to cry on.”

You must accept 100% responsibility for absolutely everything in your life.

#10 “Even Achilles was only as strong as his heel.”

Don’t let your weakest point be your downfall, whatever it may be. Work at it so it doesn’t become an easy target.


Speak to you soon,

Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless…

Terry Edwards