Recruiters scream about this

Business revenue is something almost every Recruitment and Search Firm owner I’ve ever met is obsessed with…

They all want to increase it…

And spend every moment of their working day thinking about how to do it…

They all talk about it when you ask how business is going…

And for almost all of them, “success” in their eyes is based around hitting a certain revenue figure.

But they’re focusing on the wrong thing…

Revenue looks good from the outside, it even feels good when you’re asked, “how’s business?” and you can say a nice big figure.

But higher revenue doesn’t necessarily make a better business.

I’ve met Recruiters who have increased their revenue, but at the same time REDUCED the amount of money they’re able to take out of the business…

I recently spoke to a Recruitment Business owner who was actually making less than the consultants she employed…


It’s like having a Ferrari at home in the garage, but at the same time not being able to afford the fuel you need to drive the thing.

It looks good; it’s nice knowing you have it, your friends, colleagues and family will all be impressed and even envious when you tell them about it.

But it’s pointless!

So what should you be focusing on instead?

I’ll give you a clue.

It begins with P and ends in ROFITS.

You might have heard this saying before…

Revenue is vanity. Profit is sanity. Cash is reality.

I’ve met business owners with business revenues of £300K who have bigger profits than a business that turns over £1M+.

They have a smaller business, fewer clients, less turnover, less infrastructure, less staff, fewer headaches… But at the end of the day more take-home money for the owner.

I’ve seen multimillion-pound businesses that look successful from the outside with a big office, big team, big numbers in terms of turnover but with major cash flow issues because they’re not making a profit.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to increase turnover, but only if that increase equates to an increase in profits too.

Most Recruitment and Search businesses have hidden profits that they can immediately tap into with just a few minor tweaks to the way they’re doing a few things.

Your business is no different… And you’re probably sitting on profits you didn’t even know you were there. If you want to unlock them so you can take more money out of the business, here are four ways I can help…

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