Do you have rules that you don’t break under any circumstances?

Here are some Recruitment/Search Firm rules of business owners I have worked with.

  1. Minimum fees, regardless of the salary recruiting at
    Exclusive agreement or retainer only (this goes for perm or contract)
  2. Dates for interviews and feedback agreed before starting the assignment
  3. If a client doesn’t return a voicemail or email within 48 hours, then work ceases on their assignment, until the client returns call (this is made clear in TOS)
  4. Only work with clients who want to operate on a win/win basis, anything else is unacceptable
  5. Will only chase potential candidates with one phone call and two emails
  6. If clients or candidate display any signs of dishonesty, they are dropped with a thud
  7. Surround yourself with the best people

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