She had the same problem as you

Every Recruitment or Search Firm Owner knows, the more leads you get, the more people you speak to and the more sales you make.

The problem is, most Recruitment and Serch Firm owners don’t generate nearly enough new enquiries to generate as much profit as they would like.

I used to work with a Search Firm Owner in the UK who had exactly the same problem… Until she made one weird shift to the way she was doing things that completely transformed her business forever.

And on Wednesday I’m going to reveal exactly how she did it.

I’m hosting a FREE online training called: The One Weird Switch This Search Firm Owner Made That Quadrupled Her Business Revenue In Less Than 12 Months… And How You Can Do The Same

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Here’s just some of what you’re getting

  • How one Search Firm owner took her business from £106K per annum to £434K per annum in less than 12 months (this is something almost any Search Firm can copy no matter what size your business is currently)
  • The simple shift Search Firm Owners are making that positions their business at the top of the food chain, so they become the preferred choice for their ideal clients
  • Seven simple things you can do to have a flood of new leads and enquiries within 24 hours (use this to instantly increase your lead flow and the number of prospects you speak to each month)
  • How to build a pipeline full of potential clients that are desperate to buy from you right now (put an end to feast and famine forever and build a business that consistently generates profit)
  • And more.

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Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless…

Terry Edwards

P.S. There will be no replays of this training made available to the general public (only my private clients), and I have no plans to put this particular training on again anytime soon. If you don’t want to miss out, make sure you claim your free spot today.

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