Something all successful Recruitment and Search Business Owners Do

Something I’m always asked by Recruitment and Search Firm Owners when they first start working with me on one of my programs is…

“What do your best clients do that gives them the best results in the shortest amount of time?”

Essentially, people want to know what the Recruitment and Search Firm Owners who get the best results as part of my program do. They’re often looking for a tactic or strategy they can use to emulate the success the top performers have.

It’s a smart question to ask…

But people never get the answer they’re looking for…

Because although there are lots of different strategies and tactics that get results when it comes to attracting clients into your Recruitment or Search Business, what works well for someone else, won’t necessarily get the same results for you.

The Recruitment and Search Firm Owners who get the best results don’t necessarily have a set of tactics or strategies in common.

Some do well with email, some do better with LinkedIn, some get the best results from direct mail, some the telephone, some Facebook, I could go on…

There is one thing they have in common, but it’s more of a trait than a strategy or tactic.

It’s not that they’re the smartest….

It’s not that they have the biggest budgets….

It’s not that they operate in the most in-demand industries…

It’s because they IMPLEMENT!

They just execute on what they said they were going to more regularly and faster speed than everybody else.

They get stuff done!

It’s not always perfect, they don’t always get it right first time, it’s messy, often unorganised, they cause chaos for their team and people around them, but they just DO it!

Not everything they do works, sometimes ideas they have fail completely… But they also have BIG success!

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But nothing is going to work for you unless you’re prepared to actually implement what is shared with you during the call…

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Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless….

Terry Edwards AKA the Renegade Recruiter